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The New Stratosphere Las Vegas Website Bites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st May 2008 7:43pm
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Stratosphere Las Vegas

Our march through bargain Vegas hotel options continues with a little trip to the recently redesigned website of Stratosphere Las Vegas. As you can see from the screen grab above, the new design... uh... Bites.

All jokes aside, the new Strat net joint much clearer, easier to use and makes the place look like its worth checking out again. There are a ton of large dimension photos on the description pages as well as a dozen or so other pix in a flash based photo gallery. One photo shows a bunch of 80's stuff projected on the CBar wall - with IRON MAIDEN front and center. \m/_ .

It's great to see them pimping the Stratosphere shaped chocolates (bottom right) not to mention the long legs of the dinner guest who seems bent on either tripping her waiter or dumping the schlub she's having dinner with for someone else (which she appears to have done in the inset photo - top left). Oh and there's this, for the manhunters.

Stratosphere Las Vegas Room Rates

A quick check of room rates yields quite a variance - $30 mid week lows to a whopping $204 on Saturday May 24th - who are they kidding with that rate?

Generally, you can see a bell curve of rate swing. Booking a few days in advance you can snag reasonably fair rates, the rates grow over the next week or three only to drop when booking a month or longer in advance. Of course special events, conventions and holidays can monkeywrench the whole thing, but booking way far in advance is always the best option.

The new post-Carl Icahn owners have obviously been doing a lot of work on the property which warrants a return trip to the Strat on our next Vegas jaunt in a week or so.

What do you think... has the Stratosphere raised the bar or is this lipstick on a pig?



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Those shaded overlays of the images - leaving a shadow - have got to go.

Wow that is a fascinating click through on Bob Stupak. I had no idea he had such a long history in Vegas, Vegas World and all that.

I only know him from watching him play once or twice on High Stakes Poker, and his elevator defintely does not go all the way to the top. Interesting life story though.

The sad thing is, I'm going to see BITE tomorrow night at the Strat. We're only going because my BF wants to see boobs. I'm just going to sit there the whole time trying not to laugh....I've seen the soundtrack for this show and it's 80 rock galore. Better bust out the Twisted Sister denim jacket right now...

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