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Luxor Scrapes The Barrel of Celebrity Hosts

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 30th April 2008 3:56am
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Stacy Keibler LuxorJudging by the quality of 'celebrities' being hired to host nights at the various Vegas ultralounges, I'm wondering if they've enacted a new Andy Warhol-inspired host booking policy, wherein everyone in the world gets to host one night.

Scouring through the email box tonight when I spotted this curiosity amidst the Super Pokes, Wall-To-Wall notifications, Twitter alert and casino spam - "LUXOR - An Evening Hosted By Stacy Keibler at CatHouse".

I figured that Stacy Keibler (inset) was one of those wenches on The Hills, a show which sends me running like cockroaches from light. Curious, I Googled Ms. Keibler to find out that she's a former professional wrestler turned actress.

Maybe I'm just plain out of touch with reality here, but is this person - Stacy Keibler - seriously well known enough to drive a line at Luxor? Now she very well may be more talented than the other celebutards who cut the red rug for a similarly Warholian 15 minutes, collect their six figs, then scram to where they really want to party (Criss Angel's Sex Dungeon, of course).

But seriously, how long will it be until I get an email that says "Join Us At the CatHouse For An Exciting Evening Hosted By JustJoey, or Vespajet, or donnymac66, or Spyder, or RockVegas or RockChickX51, or Atltrainman" or any of us for that matter.



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Don't lie Chuck you know your life's dream is to host a night at PURE. I know that's my lifelong goal. And if I can't get in there maybe I'll try Tao. ::pukes::

My host night will be $2 Millers and beer pong at O'Shea's. Nuthin like shots with a leprechaun to make a night special.

I actually considered going to Cathouse Friday night once I saw the ad a few days back (I'll be in Vegas this weekend, as of right now, I'll be there this time tomorrow), but thought better of it. If I want to buy overpriced drinks I'll go to a strip club.

I think because Stacey "my legs are longer than DonnyMac's" Keibler was a WWE Diva (that's wrestling broad to the rest of the world), I think I want to host an evening at the Casino Royale $1 Michelob/Margarita bar with Randy "Macho Man" Savage & Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Sorry but I won't be able to host any club nights for Luxor. They have me under contract to host an upcoming $1 Weiner night at the Slots-O-Fun casino, right next to everyone's favorite Circus Circus.

Before being a WWE Diva, she worked for the WCW , most of that time under the name Miss Hancock.

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