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Planet Hollywood Redesigns Website

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 27th April 2008 5:50am
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Planet Hollywood Las VegasPlanet Hollywood has completed its transformation by completely redesigning their website.

The property, whose very concept was called into question by many Vegas blawgers (including us), has confounded its critics in the last few months and proven to be even more successful than many have imagined.

After visiting the property numerous times (although we haven't enjoyed their hotel yet) we do think that Planet Hollywood's casino is quite pretty, easy to navigate through and features some nice design touches.

The interesting thing about Planet Hollywood and other resorts that have been re-themed (or is it de-themed) is in finding all the bits and pieces that were hastily repainted, bogusly incorporated into the new theme or just plain ignored. This little treasure hunt which we call Spot the Stuff From The Previous Theme is one of our favorite little games to play while staggering around town. We haven't had the chance to drunk dial to Five Hundy quite yet, so if you want to... go right ahead. Planet Hollywood is - by far - the best place to play

Spot The Stuff From The Previous Theme, although Luxor is giving it a run for its money right now.

Their new website continues the Planet Hollywood roll with an elegant, clean and slick user interface despite a handful of kooky design choices.

non-geeks can skip the next paragraph

The main interface - which appears on the surface to be Flash - is actually PHP spitting out XHTML 1.0 (Strict) with JQuery to handle all the animations and other goodies. The site loads really quickly due to the use of JQuery to stagger loading of navigation and content blocks in a predetermined order. We're positive that none of you care about this, but include this only for the three programmer dorks who are regular readers.

They've got specific pages for special offers, sultry women advertising the Mandara spa, and a very out of place advertisement for Avis rent-a-car. The Entertainment page still has no mention of Steve Wyrick's magic show theatre thingy in the Miracle Mile mall, which isn't mentioned on the site either.

Still, it's a vast improvement over the last mess of a website and truly puts a great virtual foot forward for Planet Hollywood. Kudos!




Comments & Discussion:

Am I missing something or is this "redesign" the look they unveiled MONTHS ago? I stayed at P-Ho last October and the site looks exactly like it did when I booked that trip. Same intro movie with big "stars" like the dude from Kiss and the Planet's owner.

And yeah, the site's a world better than the old Aladdin site. I'm glad people are noticing this property. Despite the has-been status of its Hollywood backers, it's easily my favorite... Even moreso if they curtail the timeshare a-holes infesting it.

I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the pHo when we go to Vegas next week. We're staying at a timeshare resort with no casino (Polo Towers) and pHo is right next door. That and MGM Grand (which I loooove MGM Grand).

echobravo : I don't know the exact date it was rolled out (archive.org has no versions stored for 2008). It's changed since the last time I visited it which I guess was a month or two ago, maybe more, maybe less. I guess they rolled out a new version in advance of the 21 movie since PHo was a prominent product placement.

The new PH is very nice looking throughout. The one thing I don't get are the highly polished black stone floors in the mall. I've seen 3 women in heels take hard falls already. They were all drunk, but still, it's not user friendly.

Yeah, but it provides for hours of entertainment...

5 points for minimizing flash, and pimping JQuery. 2.5 more for being the only place left to hit up Trader Vics. (Not about to start on the subtracting of points as that would be a few posts long...)

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