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Donny and Marie Osmond To Play Flamingo : I Quit

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 26th April 2008 5:59am
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Donny And Marie at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Singing seventies siblings, Donny and Marie Osmond, have announced the beginning of the end of the road for Las Vegas - twenty six week residency at the here-to-fore-formerly-known-as-the Fabulous Flamingo. The show - which begins September 9th, 2008, weeks after Toni Braxton's cooch is peeled off hotel - was put together by another questionable talent with big fake white teeth Danny Gans, who had this nonsensical drivel to say:

My version of a variety show has been what Vegas has known thus far. What we have now is a true variety show which conveys the real essence of America and the country's love of homegrown talent.

Be the ball Danny.

Uh. People who go to Vegas (of which I know a lot of em) generally are interested in gambling, yards of beer, eating till they puke, gambling, getting laid and gambling. If I wanted 'homegrown talent' I'd go visit my friend Bob, and enjoy some of his homegrown talent while sitting on the couch playing video games and thumbing through his 'Girls Gone Wild' DVD collection.

Yes Danny. Be the fucking ball.

It took a few months of soul searching for me to understand and accept that having Bette Midler was maybe a shade better than Celine Dion. Then they added Cher to the mix. Meh.

At least one can go to Wynn Las Vegas - the last refuge for the semi-intelligent on the Strip that doesn't have a Cirque show. What does Wynn Las Vegas do? They hire The Ball! who goes and hires Donny and Marie!

I swear it couldn't get any worse. But it has. And Fast.

I'm a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll, and I quit.



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Donny and Marie will do just fine with their Vegas show.

Not sure I would go to this show but i remember the Osmonds brothers band and they were a talented band. For those young folks heres a link to The Osmond Brothers band doing "Crazy Horses".


Yet another stupid move by Harrah's Entertainment. I should have know things were going downhill at the Flamingo when they brought in John Edwards (The creepy "talking to the dead" guy, not the creepy former presidential and VP candidate.) and Gino Vannelli for some weekend engagements back in February. They're definitely scrapping bottom entertainment-wise. Some of these act should be playing in Laughlin or if they are in Vegas, places like the Orleans, one of the other Coast Casinos, or a Stations Casino. What's next, are they going to replace Penn and Teller with Gallagher? Even the Improv @ Harrah's seems to be booking comedians whose sell-by dates were sometime in the late 1980s, early 1990s. Sure they've got George Wallace, Rita Rudner, and Jerry Seinfeld (You could make an argument for Penn and Teller, but to me they're more magic than comedy.), in reality, they really don't have a murderer's row of comics like MGM-Mirage has (Billy Crystal, Jay Leno, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Artie Lange, Robin Williams, Louie Anderson, and even [shudder] Carrot Top), although they do have Dane Cook booked at Caesars next month.

I don't have any problem with the Osmonds. I think they're classy in their straight laced way and have their strengths.

But Danny Gans, wow, is that guy ever a hack. I think Wynn has made a rare blunder in signing on that guy. The funniest thing about Gans is if you mention his name to anyone from any other part of the country, you almost always get the reply "Who's Danny Gans?". Who indeed.

I am totally biased because I have never been a Donny or Marie OR Donny and Marie or any kind of Osmond fan. Makes me wanna puke. It's definitely not my style of entertainment. Harrah's appears to be making a low budget move here.

With the panache that the "Flamingo" could swagger if the casino could just turn this place around "Donny and Marie" seems more like an off strip show. Nice people don't get me wrong, but if i did the marketing at the "Flamingo" Donny and Marie would not be playing. I really hope Flamingo does something soon, they are so close yet so far away.

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