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More Encore and The Graphology of Wynn

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd April 2008 5:51pm
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Speaking of Encore... (see previous), with the opening starting to bubble up on the radar of the Vegas universe, I'm reminded of the Wynn Las Vegas opening TV commercial that aired a in January 2004 - four months before the property opened. For those who don't remember, here's a little refresher:

Which obviously begs the inherent encore question... what will Steve do next, at least as far as TV commercials announcing Encore (capital E)? More rooftop shenanigans? Levitation? Walking on water? Wynn is the master at promotion, and I doubt that we're alone in postulating what the next ad campaign will be.

What actually started this train of thought was Wynn's 'the only one I've ever signed my name to' line in the commercial. Much has been said about the Wynn logo, with Steve Friess wondering enough about Encore's lack of "." to not only philosophize about punctuation as a methodology for branding (shockingly neglecting to mention the MEGACENTER™) and even taking the matter to Mr. Wynn himself on the latest Strip Podcast.

What I've often wondered is how does the "Wynn." logo differ from Steve's actual signature? Other than cleaning up the loops and letters for better legibility, they're virtually identical (minus the "." of course).

steve wynn signature logo comparison

A cursory investigation into graphology (study of handwriting) reveals the following points:

» A forward slant indicates high emotional expressiveness
» Circular handwriting indicates an agreeable easy going nature
» Angular handwriting with sharp points indicates aggressiveness, directness and high energy
» Squiggles and irregular strokes indicate an artistic and non standard approach
» The height of the crossing of letter "T" indicates where one places their goals - ie. raising or lowering the bar
» The heavier the pressure applied to the paper, the more intense the persons emotions

We all know that Steve Wynn is aggressive, creative, direct, has high energy and emotionally intense, so none of this is earth shattering news, but still a fascinating peek into the brain that changed Las Vegas and will probably change it again.



Comments & Discussion:

Perhaps the "." at the end of the Wynn logo is meant to be a drop of ink that dripped from a traditional pen. That's how I interpret it.

Doesn't everyone punctuate their signature.... I know I do!


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