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Mayor Goodgin's Intellectual Side Wants To Legalize Prostitution in Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th April 2008 2:57pm
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Vegas won't be the same when Mayor Oscar Goodman's time at the helm is over. Fortunately for Vegas tripper horn dawgs everywhere, he's picked up the mantle of legal prostitution as the sun sets on his Mayor-ness.

It's disingenuous when people say they don't want to legalise it. Right now it's uncontrolled and unregulated. There's no check and balance as far as the women's health is concerned and legal brothels could be an important revenue-raising device for the city.

When you speak about it intellectually, not morally, it makes sense. If we had a referendum or ballot on legal brothels, it would probably pass.

Candice Trummell, director of the Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking has a different view:

I see it as sexual slavery. I think it's morally and ethically wrong for governments to say it's OK to sell humans in that way. The government should not pimp the girls.

While this is a noble cause, it doesn't change the fact that prostitution will continue unabated regardless of whether it is legalized or not. Nor does it take into account the often neglected world of male prostitution - straight and gay. Controlled regulatioin would offer the bunnies and studs a legal leg to stand on and protect the health of workers and their customers.

Whaddyou think?



Comments & Discussion:

Honestly, Ms. Trammell or whatever her name is could not be farther from the truth.

Prostitution is not SLAVERY. Some women CHOOSE to do this as a means to make money, and honestly, more power to them. If I could feel right about it, I would, too. Same goes for stripping.

There is nothing wrong with selling sex, and if the government sanctioned it then at least we could stop getting views of whores giving handjobs outside Paris at 3 am. Which I find infinitely more offensive than seeing a brothel.

Cool idea. Something like the red light district of Amsterdam, with legal, monitored and taxed brothels might just be outlandish enough to make Vegas hip again. It would definitely help me forget about 6:5 blackjack and $17 martinis.

Not only would legalized prostitution bring in a lot of revenue for the county/state, it would also end up being a lot safer for the workers and patrons. Add to this that there is a good chance it would cut down on sex crimes (as well as STDs) given that if a guy really needs a BJ, he can throw a few bucks at it (at a regulated, licensed, tested brothel) instead of dragging some girl off the street.

It would also help to clean up the streets a bit since people who chose that profession would have a centralized place to work out of instead of trying to work a corner.

Well, that's what my mini-utopian society view thinks anyway.

the thing to stress is that prostitution in las vegas would still be 'illegal' when outside of the domains of licensed establishments (much like the regulation of casinos.) operators of brothels would have to be regulated and reviewed in the same strict ways that the casinos are. i'm still unsure whether or not this will affect the room service poontang via yellow pages or pornslappers situation. the pornslappers might end up giving out cards for the brothels only. who knows.

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