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Criss Angel Cirque Show Unveiled

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th April 2008 2:42pm
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The name of the Cirque du Soleil / Criss Angel show coming to a Luxor near you has been revealed. Drum roll please...

Criss Angel Believe

Doot Doot Doooo!

We're going to punt analysis on this in favor of Richard Abowitz' fantastic post on The Movable Buffet.

P.S. Don't forget to browse the reader comments... they're awesome.



Comments & Discussion:

I BELIEVE this show will SUCK.

I am not a hater and I have seen all of the Cirque shows with the exception of KA, and have thoroughly loved them. Love must be their best imho, however Criss Angel will actually signal the end of Cirque being Chic and Artsy, to Cheap and Fartsy. Sorry Criss Angel is an illusionist and that's a respectable if not noble profession but he's a tosser.

I know nothing about Criss Angel, but I think we should see the show, before passing judgement. I am not a fan of Criss, but I am a huge fan of Cirque, and I have faith in them. I will see this show, because they deliver on the promise, and only then will I judge the show.

You really need to see KA, its about as amazing as they get.

They should call it Cirque Du Soleil - DOUCHEBAG.

Criss Angel and Mr T need to have a competetion on who can wear the most necklaces on their neck without slouching.
Whoever lets the weight of the bling pull their neck down first looses.

God I hate Criss Angel

I think if Cirque was smart they would bring in "guest stars" - David Copperfield, Hans Kook (or what ever his f'in name is) and let the three of them "gay" it out on stage, they could call it "Cirque Duh Soliel - the second part of the gayest part of Zumanity!!!

Between the Cirque people and Celine, again, I'm upset to be a proud Canadian.... I'm so sad, now I'm gonna soak in the bathtub with a buncha candles and bottle of JD and cry for a while.... But I'll be fine, I'm a survivor....

If someone could kill Criss (who spells like this?!!) Angel I would feel better.

spyder - i wouldn't call for the head of the angel on a platter quite yet. i'm beginning to think that we may have found our new Wayne F. Newton in him. Wayne, as you might have noticed, hasn't had a gig in vegas in nearly six months, which could be a sign that his goose has been cooked.

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