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XS - The Nightclub at Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 11th April 2008 4:56am
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Norm! has revealed the name of the new 40,000 square foot night club that will be installed in Encore in advance of its December 2008 opening.

The club, called XS (har har... as in excess) will be managed and co-owned by Victor Drai (the mang behind Drai's and Tryst) who claimed - in typically Wynntastic hyperbole - it would be "the greatest nightclub in the world".

Could XS actually be an acronym instead of a simple synonymish play on excess? Acronymical possibilites include : Xtra Steve, Xtra Spensive, Xenopheliac, Sumptiously, Xi Shi, the oblique Xenakis Sucks (raise your hand if you get that one), Xtra Small, Xenial Service, Xeroxing Scratch, Xu Suck, Xylophonic Scaffolding or Xeric Sack.

Thank goodness for online dictionaries.



Comments & Discussion:

Xtra Spensive... classic.

MikeE - i dropped the Xenakis Sucks one in there just for you. Maybe you're not an aficionado of the Ligeti-ish tone cluster nonsense. Ask Ferneyhough if you see his dandruff encrusted sweaters wandering around UCSD anytime.

Indeed, I think I was the only one who raised his hand. Had he openly embraced Serialism, we'd probably have another (XSsive?) acronym.

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