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Casinos and Architects Form Coalition To Fight Copyright Infringement, Sue Vegas Blogs and Websites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd April 2008 5:26pm
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Well, it took four years, but today we got our first sorta 'cease and desist' order via certified mail. It isn't really a 'cease and desist' so much as an announcement-slash-warning that future postings of intellectual property will result in instantaneous lawsuits. They've sent this blanket letter to potentially skip the 'cease and desist' portion of any future copyright infringements and allow the 15 casino companies and 22 architectural firms who have signed it to serve up lawsuits like gin and tonics at a casino bar.

The letter, which was sent from the law firm of Birnbaum & Birnbaum based out of New York City, outlines that any future posting of intellectual property constitutes a violation of both Internet Copyright Protection Act and Internet Piracy Act, with each incident punishable by fines and/or jail time. These are the same statutes that the record industry used to sue people who shared mp3's via peer-to-peer networks.

Seriously? You dicks!

Clearly this new coalition must have taken cue from Apple's lawsuit against ThinkSecret.com, which successfully shut down a website that was started by a 15 year old Apple fan boy.

...protect trade secrets and intellectual property of THE COMPANIES, with penalties for infraction to include seizure of real and virtual assets, financial damages to coalition members and its investors as well as any and all legal fees incurred.

Ok guys, you win... we won't hype your overpriced hotels or bullshit casinos stuffed to the gills with tight slots, bad table rules and lousy drink service. Thanks for nothing.

The funny thing is that this sorta 'cease and desist' letter was actually written to VegasTodayandTomorrow webmeister Mark Adams, and cc'd to us and three other websites as a veiled community threat. I sure hope to hell that Mark has some good lawyers cause nearly 80% of his websites content (renderings etc) falls clearly under this definition of copyright infringement and the penalty for each image (times the number of time it has been viewed) equals potentially tens of millions of dollars in damages plus jail time.


April Fools!



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you would think that having a website like this or vegastodayandtomorrow.com - both very informative for first timers to people who live in vegas - would be seen as free advertising by these companies. some people just don't get it, and why are they always the ones making decisions? i love to see those renderings and other stuff as the hotel/casinos are built.

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