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CityCenter's Green Certification Attacked By Anti-Smoking

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th March 2008 11:52pm
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Straight from the You've Got To Be Kidding Me Dept. comes this little nugget (a green one?) from the pages of In Business Las Vegas.

Apparently a group of anti-smoking activists have got their undie-pants in a wad over CityCenter allowing smoking in its casino when it opens. According to the activists - Smoke Free Gaming of Colorado, believe that City Center shouldn't get special 'green building' LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) tax discounts because the casino will create smoke pollution.

While this is a noble cause, the piggy backing of anti-smoking lobbyists onto the green movement just plain reeks of opportunism. MGMMirage has said that their public areas have been designed with state of the art air filtration systems and guests won't have to travel through areas where smoking is permitted (the casino) during most of their travails.

The funny thing about Vegas is that people who normally don't smoke usually light up when they get a coupla drinks in them or pass by a tempting humidor room.

Oh... and one more thing, can I borrow your lighter?



Comments & Discussion:

I loathe all the smoking in this town but so long as I'm able to get from facility to facility without walking through the casino, I don't mind if people smoke in there.

I'm kind of the same way on these restaurant bans. I'm glad to see it there, but they always expand out to bars, which, even as someone who doesn't go to bars, I kind of expect to see it there and don't feel it's warranted. *shrug*

Theres a big difference between smoking in City Center, or other newer resorts vs. joints like the Union Plaza or even the Flamingo.

You don't know what the term 'smoky casino' means until you've been to some of the SJM dumps in Macau. Seriously... I was gassed out and I have a _really_ high threshold.

Well, we spend more time in locals casinos than the Strip, so I've become pretty familiar to thick smoke. However, as a former Californian, leaving my clean air bubble and moving into somewhere less socialist and/or health focused was a rude awakening to me. At the intersection of Lake Mead and Buffalo up near Summerlin, you can ALWAYS smell the smoke from one of the other cars waiting at the light with you. I don't care what hour it is, someone around you is always smoking.

For a good time, though, check out the BBQ joints at the Stations. Because it's a BBQ joint, and it's in a casino, by the time you get out you smell like you just pulled a full shift at a SJM joint. At the other BBQs in town (including that new one at Rio) the air seems less polluted.

But now I'm just rambling...

so does this mean to get a "green rating" they are going to have to recycle their bottles too?

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