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It's Not A Monorail, It's A People Mover. Thank You.

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 15th March 2008 4:33am
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While doing research for a completely unrelated topic (Macau) I stumbled across this interesting rendering on the Gensler (architects) website - a monorail that will connect CityCenter to Bellagio, Monte Carlo and other locations.

Oh wait... it's a people mover NOT a monorail.

Those smarty heads over at MGMMirage surely don't want their monorail to be confused with the capital M monorail... y'know, the overpriced bucket o'bolts that fanny packers use to get to the Sahara from Harrah's. Yeah. That thing. The one that rained bolts onto the hood of the Sebring you rented.

People Mover... remember it.

City Center People Mover

I'm not obsessive about the comings and goings of every little piece of glass, parking space, tree or piece of metal involved in the City Center project, so there's a good chance that they may have put the kibosh on it already (which they did to the circular walkway that was in early models.) I'm sure someone out there knows what the status of this is.

Regardless, it's a pretty neat take on the monorail *ahem* people mover concept even though the whole thing looks like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up 'vegas dirt people' (to be fed to the MGM Lions?).



Comments & Discussion:

does it connect to Shelbyville and Ogdensburg too?

"Someday, in the future, you may see the PeopleMover going through the communities and business centres of your own home town."

I prefer to call it a tram. Because I think of PeopleMover as that old five-cabin chained overhead vehicle that used the name at Disneyland (or the LIM launch one at Disneyworld that has a lot less inclines and declines but broke less often.)

But yeah, this is a tram, or a shuttle.

This thing stays. The posts are in place across the site and the stations at Bellagio and Monte Carlo have been preserved.

Oh I'm glad they'll have a tram! All I do is eat large delicious meals and get hugely drunk while gambling in Vegas, so it'd be a real shame if I had to WALK ANYWHERE and burn off some of that gluttony I'd just engaged in, you know, by exerting any significant physical effort with my fat ass.

well when i was in vegas last week i walked past the construction area for the cosmopolitan and you could clearly see some kind of railing in the middle so i guess this makes sense. anything that makes walking unneeeded when in vegas is cool with me but when i was there there seemed to be a whole lot of escalators and walkways not working.

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