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Whoodathunkit : Nevada Casino Revenue Drops, Atlantic City Gains

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th March 2008 2:15am
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The January numbers for casino revenue are in, and it looks like the unthinkable has happened (or maybe not.)

After years of stunning growth in casino revenue over the last few years, Nevada's casinos have reported a 5% dip in win compared to the same period a year ago. Shocking? Not really.

Simultaneously, Atlantic City's casino revenues for the same time period turned around a steady string of losses - presumably caused by the opening of slot parlors in Pennsylvania - and posted a 10% growth. Shocking? Not really.

While it may seem shocking that AC's growth is up while Nevada's growth is down, if you think about it, it's not completely surprising. With 'recession fears' evolving into recession fact over the last four months lots of east coast trippers who normally would've taken that big trip to Vegas may have opted to save a little scratch and hit Atlantic City instead. These thoughts aren't based on any facts, I'm sure dipping into the Total Rewards database might prove or disprove this theory. I put the kibosh on the opposite plan - instead of doing a Macau-styled carpet bombing of Atlantic City casinos, I've put it on the 'middle burner' for a bit.

Based on the increased frequency and quality of comp offers arriving in my mailbox over the last few months, startling drop in room rates and the righteous deals that the casinos are sending us to share with y'all, it's pretty apparent that I'm not the only one whose adopted a bit of a 'wait and see' attitude before booking any large scale gambling trip. Add rising fuel costs - at the pump and the recent increase in plane tickets - not to mention the astronomical prices for non-gambling stuff and I'll bet lotsa folks have been priced out of a Vegas blow out.

I'm curious what y'all think about this. Has the recession caused you to change, postpone or scale back your plans to visit?



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definitely been a while since i've been to vegas - not since 2005. I've been to Mohegan Sun once for my fiance's b-day (she won $500 on a nickel slot) and i've been to AC once for a bachelor party. I'm personally waiting for my second free flight thru Southwest Rapid Rewards via using their credit card before i trek to Vegas, hopefully this winter. Even then i'll be looking to stay at a midlevel property, hopefully with one of those MGM email deals for $79/night, plus the other freebies they have with it. I'll probably only stay for 3 nights as well, not 4 or 5 like in years' past.

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