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Southern California to Vegas Train Talk

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 26th February 2008 2:45am
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The news of two different high speed trains that will travel from California to Las Vegas have been steaming around the internet this morning.

The first, a plan for a diesel / electric hybrid that will go from Victorville to Vegas, is being dreamed up by an outfit called DesertXpress. Frankly, we're going to say that the Victorville to Vegas line is dead in the water, mostly because nobody is going to drive from Los Angeles to Victorville (two hours depending on traffic) park their car in the desert (baking for two days) then hop a two hour train to Vegas. It's pointless, useless and stupid.

The second plan is a 300mph magnet train that would blast from Disneyland to Las Vegas - travel time : two hours. This is obviously much more plausible for folks who live in various parts of Southern California, you could drive from the San Fernando Valley to Disneyland in an hour, hop the train and you're in Vegas in two hours - total travel time three hours.

If the Disneyland-Vegas rail solution happens it would decrease travel time and gasoline expenses - we're up to $3.36 a gallon here - and tickets could be easily comped by the casinos or rolled into travel deals. Driving 350 miles through the desert is a bit of a drag. Despite a chunk of it being open road where most folks are going 100mph, the three hours getting out of town on Friday and the three hours getting to Baker on Sunday just plain sucks.



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As a resident of Southern California, I can attest that gas prices are one of the biggest reasons why we aren't making our frequent Vegas trips. A couple years ago, it would've cost less than 50 bucks to make the roundtrip trek.
But add today's gas prices along with the slowing economy and rising hotel room costs, it's no wonder why Vegas is losing the SoCal market.
With rooms rates starting to dip, this would be the perfect time for a project like this to help regain that market.

a local of 7 years was just telling me about the 300 mph train last night at the Orleans. i was told it might not happen for liability issues. sounded like a cool idea now that i finally rode the monorail

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