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NBC Implodes Montecito, Las Vegas Cancelled

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st February 2008 3:05pm
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TV Guide is reporting that NBC has cancelled Las Vegas effective immediately. There will be no 'finale' episode... what you saw (or missed) last Friday was it.

Sayonara Las Vegas!



Comments & Discussion:

I guess I have no reason to watch NBC anymore. Couldn't they have at least put it on USA like they did with Law & Order: Criminal Intent?

It'll be interesting to see how much Las Vegas, the show, has on Las Vegas, the industry. My wife and I always watched Las Vegas...even despite this season's terrible episodes. We watched it - not for the acting - but for the Vegas cameos. Basically, it was an hour-long infomercial designed to attract us tourists to the Strip. Without the weekly reminder that we should be going to Vegas soon, the draw may be diminished.

I admit that Las Vegas lost a little something without James Caan, but it was still worth watching every week. I have watched every week since episode one, and it was always fun and worth my hour. I think cancelling it now is premature and unfounded. I don't see how it could be losing money but then what do I know?

If I remember correctly... Fridays episode was the 2 hour "Season Finale" And with Las Vegas being the only show I and many friends seem to watch on NBC I think it would be a huge mistake to cancell...

But whatever they do, they will do. It will be sadly missed if that it the end.

NBC is rerunning the Knight Rider premiere on Saturday night. You get one more chance to see the Montecito in a cameo role on that show.

Anyone want to start an over/under betting pool on how many episodes of Knight Rider are broadcast before it is pulled. I say no more than 5.

Any chance NBC will replace Las Vegas with picking up the CBS cancelled Viva Laughlin?

re: viva laughlin: i played poker one night with the guy from CBS who said that viva laughlin was his 'baby' he was shocked when i told him that i actually liked it, and did agree that cbs didn't really give it a shot before pullin g the plug, but the unaired episodes kinda sucked also.

I always enjoyed watching Las Vegas. It was the Love Boat for a new generation. It's funny that it could have jumped the shark without a guest appearance by Ted McGinley!

i'm just surprised i never saw an ad for any of the major casinos in 5 seasons. I don't mean they needed to advertise every week, but you think that at least one of them would have thrown a commercial for their properties out in vegas. i also wonder if any of the major casinos paid for part of the production, since they would occasionally drop names of other casinos, not to mention the aerial shots of vegas.

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