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How Casinos Decide Which Color Glass To Put On New Buildings

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th February 2008 12:36pm
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We've all seen about a bajillion architectural renderings, composites and models of various casino buildings in Las Vegas. While these renderings may be incredibly detailed and take into account night lighting, the trajectory of the sun during busy season months, reflective colors or nearby buildings as well as a billion other details, its impossible to know exactly which exact shades of glass, paint, textures and other material variables will look best when aggregated into an array of stuff.


It's kinda like a painter's muse - a basket of fruit - who works backwards. Instead of arranging the basket of fruit, then painting it, the painter paints the basket of fruit then has to go out and get the fruit that matches the painting. As we all know, a macintosh apple is quite different from a gala, golden delicious or granny smith. To make matters more interesting gala apples are a cross between an Orange Red apple and a Golden Delicious, usually half is greenish, half is reddish. An artist may have to sift through a few bushels of apples to find ones that have the proper colorings to match their renderings.

Architects, designers and executives responsible for the casinos we all know and love have similar dilemmas choosing materials that match their vision, match each other and look good under actual outdoor lighting conditions.

To help them decide exactly which colors of glass to put on a property, the builders mock up a fake wall with a bunch of different types, colors and textures of glass stuck to it that look - to a degree - like what a portion of the finished product might be. They then take a look at the various pieces of glass, rearrange them and eventually make decisions as to which materials they like best.

Silverton Glass Testing

We stumbled across this little glass construction in a dirt parking lot adjacent to the Silverton. It's presumably a mock up of the coming towers and hotel expansion they are beginning to do some construction on. It's pretty interesting stuff, but don't try to get close as there are security guards right nearby eager to chase you away. The one who was guarding this one vanished just long enough for us to snag a couple of quick photos.



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OK, I'm about to admit my inner nerd by stating how cool that is!

Actually I remember seeing that mock-up structure, along with a second one right next to it, when I visited the Silverton last November (2007). Guess they took one of them down.

Personally I thought it would be really cool if they were to build a 20 or 30 story log tower, to compliement the rest of the resorts exterior.

i'd hate to be inside of a 30 story log tower if it caught fire. yikes.

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