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Continual Updates: The Roof of Monte Carlo Is On Fire

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 25th January 2008 5:02pm
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The roof of the Monte Carlo is on fire. According to the R-J, "thick black smoke is pouring from the top of the building. Four Monte Carlo employees are stuck on the roof. People are being evacuated from the property."

We'll be updating this news story with more links and photos asap.

11:38: video live from kvbc3

11:40: Streaming video on the KVBC homepage works for mac users.

11:42: The Las Vegas Sun website is down

11:45: LasVegasNow 8 video - view from Rio

11:47: KTNV 13 (abc) has live video

11:51 CNN now has the story. The fire seems have destroyed top few floors near the elevator shaft in the middle. It is slowly making its way down the outside of the building.

11:52: CNN has live coverage now of the fire. Click on the "live on CNN link" to launch the player. Holy shit, this building is really burning.

11:56: Firefighters are dousing the top of the hotel but it looks like the fire is moving down to the ground faster then they can get control of it. It's now torching about 8 floors from the top.

11:57: FoxNews has posted an image to their homepage, which the file is called "VegasDoomsday". Eeek. here's the image

12:00: FoxNews: Currently no injuries or deaths. All guests have been evacuated to other properties.

12:01: FoxNews says that the fire is spreading because of the styrofoam filler beneath the plaster.

12:03: The R-J website has irony written all over it. screen shot.

12:04: Guests and employees are being evacuated to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

12:08: The Strip and all surrounding streets have been closed to non-emergency traffic.

12:10 : Helicopter shots show a HUGE plume of smoke billowing.

12:11: The Monte Carlo logo at the top is burning. Fox News and CNN video streams are showing opposite sides of the building.

12:14: If you have reservations this weekend at any of the surrounding properties, you should call MGMMirage 888-987-6667 to see what the deal is BEFORE you drive or fly out.

12:16: It looks like a lot of the flames have been contained, except on the hotel wing that is facing I-15/New York-New York

12:20: Still no injuries or deaths reported. This is great news.

12:21: CNN reports that only floors 15 and above have been evacuated. Huh? No word on whether the action in the casino has stopped.

12:22: CNN also reports that welders were doing work at the top of the hotel, although they are not sure if they were a cause of the blaze.

12:23: The Review Journal website is hosed.

12:25: Most recent Flickr search results for Monte Carlo

12:26: CNN says that the fire hasn't penetrated the interior of the hotel, although we can guess that the smoke and water damage has caused tens of millions of dollars in damage.

12:29: Clark County Fire Department will be holding a press conference shortly.

12:32: Press conference underway on CNN

12:33: From the AP wire : "Investigators were trying to determine if the blaze had penetrated the building's top floors, which are filled with luxury suites, or if the fire was confined to the facade."

12:35: Falling styrofoam caused the fires at the lower floors. CCFD spokesman praised MGMMirage folks for their evacuation plan and command of escape and firefighter access strategy.

12:36: According to CCFD, all guests have been accounted for. This really could have been a complete disaster, major kudos to the firedepartment, Monte Carlo staff and MGMMirage!

12:38: According to CNN one evacuee was in her wedding dress.

12:40: The I-15 parallel to the strip is currently closed and will be for the rest of the afternoon. If you are driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, exit to HWY91 in Jean, and take the eastern most surface streets around the strip to your destination.

12:43: Investors have begun selling shares of MGMMirage stock as result of the fire. It's doubtful that this will affect the bottom line in any large way.

12:44: More from the Vegas AP office (thanks to our AP source for sending us these updates!):

Larry Wappel, 25, of San Pierre, Ind., said he and his brother, Eric Wappel, were in a room on the 30th floor when they heard housekeeping staff banging on doors and yelling "Fire, get out!" He said it took about 10 minutes to walk single-file down the stairs to get to ground level.

"There were a couple of ladies crying, but it was pretty calm," he said.

Another guest, Renza Badilla, 45, said she exited through the hotel kitchen to find burning debris and embers falling from the roof.

"I think people were shocked when they saw the smoke," said Badilla, who said she was in the buffet on the main casino level when fire alarms sounded.

12:48: All displaced guests will be re-routed to other MGMMirage properties. If you have reservations at Monte Carlo or other MGM locations, call MGMMirage reservations to confirm or make other arrangements : 888-987-6667

12:55: Fire is completely extinguished, crows of onlookers have dispersed and live is beginning to return on the Vegas strip.

12:57: Photo stream at Fox News

1:01: Video on FoxNews shows construction cranes at CityCenter back in action.

1:03: Las Vegas Sun headline: Fire Crowns Monte Carlo

1:04: Monte Carlo on Fire panoramic video from the Las Vegas Sun.

1:06: Raw video from AP

1:30: According to Fox5 Vegas, Some guests found out about evacuations from the TV in their hotel rooms. (click on "Tourists Talk Monte Carlo Evacuations" in the sidebar)

1:34: As expected, guests who have reservations at Monte Carlo are being sent to other properties. If you have a reservation, call MGMMirage reservations at 888-987-6667 to make alternate plans.

1:38: Raw AP video on YouTube:

1:40: R-J has photos of displaced guests. more photos

1:43: Live video from CNN isn't pointing at the fire destruction anymore.

2:09: Slide show at Yahoo

2:11: Reno's Gazette Journal asks "Did Welder Start Fire?"

2:12: VT reader Piercapo wonders if the fire was possibly intentional. Join discussion on The Board @ VT

2:17: CNN has more streaming video analysis of the Monte Carlo Fire here (click on the Monte Carlo button on the left). Right now they're going on an on about political coverage though.

2:21: USAToday.com director happened to be staying at the Monte Carlo on vacation when the fire broke out. Read his eyewitness account

3:11: Reality. Konamaster's Flickr photo

4:59: TwoWayHardThree blog reader mike_ch (known here as MinVegas) took a bunch of excellent pics of the post-fire damage. Check out the Monte Carlo fire gallery or jump right into the middle of the photostream here.



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Great job on the up-to-the-minute reporting! That was a lot of work! It was what I needed; being here at work and having limited media access.
It is saddening and shocking. I'm glad to hear that no one was killed or injured. Thanks again for keeping us trippers informed.

you bet rock. it looks like everything is contained now, thankfully.

man i am laughing right now. yesturday i canceled my reservations for monte carlo and moved over to luxor, FOR NEXT WEEKEND! now I am saving money and i am not going to get burned!

maybe you should buy a lotto ticket!

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