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The New Las Vegas Sun

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th January 2008 2:05pm
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As most of you know by now, the Las Vegas Sun, long running daily newspaper owned by the same folks who own nearly every Vegas related publication out there, including Vegas.com, launched a completely new version of their website.

Simply, it's a fantastic piece of work... our kudos to the team that assembled the information architecture, graphic design, layout, typography and user interface design. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Las Vegas Sun - at least in its online edition - has instantly put the Review Journal' sorry excuse for a website far into its rear view mirror (which, honestly, wasn't a particularly difficult task... the R-J website sucks dog balls.)

The new design features tons of interactive features, streaming video, easily accessed categories, sorting by columnist, RSS feeds, story discussion and a ton of other fantastic features. After digesting the new layout and seemingly rejuvenated staff, we - as "out-of-town 'Vegas Bloggers'" who agree with a sizable percentage of VegasRex' opinions on the R-J, most notably their downright idiotic justification of their Obama endorsement (who deserves better than that) - are incredibly happy to see the Sun sprouting some lumber.

For more R-J bashing of the Obama endorsement, check out Jon Ralston's post from the Sun. Excellent.



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It is a nice site, however the gaming coverage is practically non existant. And getting smaller and harder to find by the day. On their In Business Las Vegas site, gaming coverage is almost always about airlines that fly into Las Vegas. Their fixation with the Democratic caucus last week made it look like a single story paper. I think Brian Greenspun is angling for a Washington appointment by Hillary, so he is going to push her agenda. I can't figure out if Mr. Greenspun is trying to make Las Vegas look more cosmopolitian via their editirial slant, or if he is going light on casino coverage since he is an owner, now. Ultimately, Las Vegas is a casino town, and needs good casino coverage. Just as Washington D.C. needs good political coverage and Detroit needs good automotive coverage.

jeff - you make a number of truly excellent points. it sure did seem like a one topic paper last week - Hillary - and their coverage of the gaming biz other than the great Liz Benston, could use a bit more beefing up. But these detractors are all editorial and content related - not about the design and technology that the new LVSun.com brings forth. I agree with you completely.

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