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What $1.25 Million Bucks Gets You At Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th January 2008 12:56pm
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All-star Vegas freak and lover of luxury Mike E posted a link in the comments to an Open Discussion Thread at Two Way Hard Three that truly deserves to be trumpeted from the top of Wynn Las Vegas' chocolate towers for all to hear.

Yes folks, for the bargain basement price of $1.25 Million smackers, YOU TOO can have the Wynn Las Vegas dream vacation of a lifetime. And we quote:

- Four people will fly round trip on Steve Wynn's private Boeing Business Jet from one location anywhere in North America.

- You and your guests will escape for two nights and three days to a two-bedroom apartment villa with a private courtyard and swimming pool, complete with 24-hour butler service, complimentary massage treatments, and salon services.

- Play 18 holes on the Wynn Golf Course with world-renowned golf architect and designer, Tom Fazio.

- Enjoy dinner at ALEX, one of only 16 Mobil Five-Star restaurants in America, where Chef Alex Stratta will prepare the meal himself. Dinner will be served with a legendary wine a Magnum of Chateau Lafleur, Pomerol 1947. Steve and Elaine will join you for dinner as they can't resist the food or the wine themselves!

- Enjoy an evening on our mountain where no one has ever been before. Award-winning Chef Paul Bartolotta will serve dinner over the Lake of Dreams, paired with a rare 100-point Chateau Petrus, Pomerol 1961.

- We've even arranged for you to rehearse with the finest athletes and artists for a walk-on role during a performance of Le Reve, our aquatic show.

- To celebrate your premiere performance, stop in to Wynn & Company Jewelers and splurge with your $150,000 credit.

- To top off this perfectly unique vacation, we are going to send you home with the keys to your new Ferrari 599! We'll ship it home for you, it's yours to keep. (Don't think this is special? Try to get one on your own...)

In response to this, we'd like to make our own Wynn dream vacation offer to some of you high rollers out there who are possibly looking for a little more. For a special introductory offer of $50 Million Dollars, YOU can get all of this PLUS:

- Breakfast pancakes at Terrace Pointe Cafe with Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Salvador Dali & Abe Vigoda

- Two individually wrapped (unopened) toothpicks from Wynn Macau

- A used copy of John Denver's Greatest Hits (CD) signed by Chuckmonster

- Your name written on light in Las Vegas! We will personally write your name on one curly energy saving florescent light bulb with a top of the line Sharpie Marker. Additionally, you will get to keep the marker!.

- You will also receive a promo code to purchase $49 discount Spamalot Tickets on Ticketmaster.com!

- If that weren't enough, the editors of VegasTripping will accompany you on a $2000 shopping spree at the Worlds LARGEST Gift Shop!

To learn more about this fantasmic supercharged low rent luxury package deal, click on this extensively described internet hyperlink using the http protocol to open up a document on the RobbReport.com server NOW!

Mad props to Mike E for digging this one out.



Comments & Discussion:

His BBJ is pretty nice looking:


Although when it comes to casino a/c, give me Las Vegas Sands' L-1011 or 747SP.


Wynn's Macau Cruiser looks a little rickety compared to the LVS planes. Maybe it's the paint job? The rest of that guys photographs absolutely kick ass. I love the SW jet with Mandalay Bay as backdrop. Gorgeous shots.

Wynn's Gulfstream:

The LVS L-1011s (they have two) were built in 1983 (They were the last two L-1011s to come off of the line.) and the 747SP was built in 1979. The Wynn BBJ was built back in 1998.

I've used the Southwest night time shot as a desktop background.

shows you what the hell i know about airplanes. :D i should stick to yapping about casinos and shit.

Interesting that the photographer that you all are talking about is an employee of Boyd Gaming.

It appears that Las Vegas Sands has the largest air fleet with 2 L1011s, 747, 767, 737, and several small Gulfstream jets. While Wynn has a 737 and a Gulfstream and Boyd only has a Gulfstream.

Anyone want to guess what the flight attendent uniforms look like? Anything like the cocktail waitress uniforms?

What can I say, I'm an aviation geek. There's some interesting locations around LAS where one can watch the planes land. They even broadcast the tower frequencies on an FM channel. I've never been to them, as when I'm in Vegas, the only time I want to be hanging out at LAS is when I'm getting on/off a flight. Although when I was out there back in March, we did drive around the roads where all of the private hangars and the Janet Terminal are The group I've met up with in Vegas the past few years in the Spring are fellow plane geeks, and we all wanted to get as close of a look at the Sands L-1011 as we legally could. That really was the height of the geekiness of the weekend. That and anytime we saw a Southwest flight we'd all remark "Oh look, a Southwest 737". You can get some decent views from the Jack In The Box a few miles south of the Las Vegas Sign.

I'm guessing the F/A uniforms on the casino jets are probably like the typical F/A uniforms you see on an average flight. Although I'm sure some of the passengers probably wish they would wear hot pants like a few airlines' F/As did back in the 1970s.

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