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Steve Wynn Picks Fight With Chairman Mao

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 29th October 2007 8:04pm
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Everyone's favorite big mouth Steve Wynn let his jaw slack a little too far at a recent Q&A session hosted by investment firm Charles Schwab

Apparently, Le Steve didn't understand that the slogan "Talk to Chuck" did not include bad mouthing the former Chairman and ruler of China.

From Forbes:

"That imbecile Mao Zedong almost ruined that country," Wynn said.

Later, Wynn clarified his remarks, saying: "I said the Cultural Revolution almost ruined the country. It was imbecilic. I didn't call him an imbecile, I said it was imbecilic."

"I said that Deng Xiaoping was the father of modern China, and then I went into a long dissertation about how well I thought they managed their affairs."

In most of his speech, Wynn praised the Chinese government for the country's economic growth and its efficient bureaucracy. He spoke some Mandarin, a language he began learning after attempting to do business in the country several years ago.

Open mouth, insert two feet and a gambling concession in Macau. Ooooops!



Comments & Discussion:

Actually, having lived in Beijing I can tell you that it is generally accepted on every level that the Cultural Revolution and pretty much everything Mao did was bad for the country. Mao himself has become something of a pop icon but is not generally respected for many of the things he did. In fact, the Communist Party didn't even want to build his public tomb but was strong armed by some of his cronies at the time. Even in the China Daily, which I edited in 2001, there is open discussion of the disaster that occurred under Mao's watch.

Steve Wynn is surely entertaining and full of contradiction. Whether or not Mao bashing is accepted by the Chinese themselves isn't really what perked my ears to this story. It's 'Steve Wynn, businessman, and guest in Chinese SAR of Macau', resorting to calling Chairman Mao names at an investors conference. Not but a month ago, Wynn said on Nightline that his opinions on U.S. politics should be of no interest to anyone and refrained from discussing his personal thoughts on the 2008 U.S. Presidential race. Of course its much more complicated of a discussion than this, but if I were Mr. Wynn, I might consider thinking just a little bit more before speaking. But, then again, he wouldn't be "Steve Wynn" if he did, so...

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