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Crown Las Vegas To Be Taller Than Sears Tower

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 24th July 2007 5:47am
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Publishing and Broadcast Limited (PBL) have filed documents with Clark County planning commission outlining their plans for the recently announced Crown Las Vegas project.

Crown Las Vegas, if approved will truly dwarf its neighboring Stratosphere, topping out at 142 floors - 1888 feet - 400 feet taller than the Sears Tower in Chicago. The FAA has lodged a complaint against the construction, saying it would create hazards for flights at McCarren Airport.

PBL expressed a desire to "build an iconic property" in order to "make a statement." A building of such scale will surely be iconic and make quite a statement, it also might be a little bit of overkill. Seriously... do we really need 142 floor hotel in Las Vegas? Do you really want to take a 5 minute elevator trip to get to the top? Do you really want to take the stairs down when some sleeping douche bag torches his mattress with a lit cig?

Odds Crown Las Vegas gets built - 6:5
Odds that it is taller than the Sears Tower - 6,500,000 - 1.



Comments & Discussion:

If built as is currently is designed, it will also be taller than the Freedom Tower being built in NYC, which will be 1776 feet tall. It may or may not be taller than the Burj Dubai, which is currently being built and recently took the world's tallest title away from the Taipei 101.

Will it be built as it currently stands? Hell no. If Stupak couldn't get them to let him build the Stratosphere Tower that high, there's no way in hell that this one will slip by. Look to see it be shrunk to something close to the height of the Stratosphere.

I don't see this thing ever getting approval to be that high - it sits just west of the final approach for aircraft landing from the north, and conversely it would be just off the departure end for aircraft departing to the north. Air traffic control would have to protect up to 2900 feet (round 1888 up to 1900, then add 1000 feet for protection) and 3 miles around the building. Nope, not gonna happen...

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