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You've Got Some Vegas on Your Nose

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 25th June 2007 1:42am
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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - the people who brought you the wildly popular and increasingly bashed "What happens in Vegas..." slogan - have rolled out a new tagline for their upcoming advertising campaigns.

Drum roll please....

"Your Vegas is showing."

It's the hip thing to do to bash this. Player haters line up to provide cranky displeasure on nearly everything these days in the blogosphere. Frankly, the slogan they put in their ads is irrelevant to us and well... it should be to you too. We're all much smarter than to fall prey to a silly slogan.

Aren't we?

Not to be outdone, we would like to offer up our own list of Vegas slogans that the LVCVA may wish to consider before making the final decision.

Sidebar - we've gotten a slew of email complaints lately about our usage of the F-bomb and other naughty words. While generally, we don't give a shit about whether or not you are offended by our use of crass language, we thought we'd make a half-assed attempt to at least warn some of the more puritanical types out there that the coming list is filled to the tits with spicy hot language suitable for locker rooms, truck stops and... Vegas.

Vegas. It's what's for breakfast.

Vegas, isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Vegas, the other white meat.

Las Vegas - Gangster Shootings Nightly!

V.E.G.A.S - Very Expensive Gambling and Shows!

Vegas - Now with 13.6% More Cirque du Soleil!

We Exist Because Laughlin Sucks - Visit Las Vegas.

Blowjobs, nothing but blowjobs - Las Vegas!

Blackjack - $10/hand.
- Buffet - $15.
- - Barry Manilow tickets - $90
- - - Bumpin big bumps of blow off a hooker's mondo rack of fake boobs while rolling down the strip in a 50 foot long stretch Hummer with 12 of your friends - PRICELESS!

Feel free to add your own below.



Comments & Discussion:

Vegas: Soon to be Celine Free......
Vegaz: Fo' Shizzle......
Vegas: That Dry Heat You're Feeling Isn't From the Weather.....
What Happens In Vegas Doesn't Stay In Vegas When It's The Clap....

Vegas - Now with 20% more porn slappers and homeless dudes looking for beer!

Las Vegas: Where the music stinks and they water the drinks.
Vegas: Sin City except when it comes to our strippers....
Vegas: Because Branson's for Squares.....

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