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Poker Dome Folds

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 16th June 2007 6:06am
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The Pokerdome - a glassed in "theater" where people can watch live high stakes poker in person - has folded, leaving its landlord Neonopolis with one tenant (Jillians punk rock club).

Politicians keep blabbing about Neonopolis being important to downtown resurgence, the Vegas press seems to whine (and cheer) about Neonopolis's misfortunes. Everybody is looking for a solution to revive it and fill it with tenants.

Put a damn casino in the thing already


We, the Vegas Trippers, don't wander around on Fremont Street for our health - we're going from casino to casino. Put one in there and damn straight we'll go in and play, that_is_what_we_want. MORE gambling. EMMM OHHH RRRRH EEEEE GAMBLING. We want video poker machines in our hotel rooms. We want to take long baths in a craps table (in, not at). We want to open the armoire and find a Top Dollar Machine - FIRST OFFER! Pass SECOND OFFER! Pass THIRRRRRD OFFER! Accept. We want so much gambling that it comes out our ears, eyes and ass simultaneously.



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I'll go with the opposite. I don't think Fremont has a future with Trippers (except the cheap ones, I guess) or the tourists, but will eventually have to grow a stronger local following. The retirees will stick with the closest Station so they don't have to be too far away from home, but everybody else, let me tell you that the Stations have little personality and charm, while Fremont has plenty. I'd rather gamble at Main Street Station than Texas Station.

I'm not sure if Neonopolis can ever be saved, it has a movie theater that manages to keep it's doors open and has pretty good rates, it has Jillian's, and that's it. Movie theaters are something the Station/Coast types have plenty of, I think Jillian's has bowling and that's something the Stations offer too,to me Neonopolis seems like as good a place as any to open business services that compliment the casinos there, but the casinos need to get over themselves and stop thinking that Brad from North Dakota sees downtown as good for anything other than a cheap room. Locals in the casinos, bargain-hunting tourists upstairs.

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