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Circus-Circus, Stratosphere, Monte Carlo Upgrade Websites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 10th May 2007 3:54am
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The parade of redesigned websites continues this week with new offerings from Circus-Circus, and Stratosphere.

Banished to internet hell are the mad purple clown popups that buried Circus-Circus' website 4 pages deep on load replaced by a Flash based site with tons of distressed fonts flying around the screen.

It dosen't really look like a big top anymore and the clowns are gone :( . I never would've picked a gray brushed metal texture for a casino website, let alone Circus Circus. The photoshopping is a little crude (check out the poorly executed rounded corners on the buttons and the schmutz on the shoulder curves to either side of the logo - yikes!). One other thing... when you click on the navigation, the buttons don't stay "lit"... kinda weird. The Adventuredome link leads to an error page - OOPS.

Luna y Sol is the new dance club at Circus2. Had no idea this was there. It plays all your favorite Latin Dance favorites Friday and Saturday nights. It also looks like the ol' Pink Pony has been sent to the glue factory... it's no longer listed on the site. Boo hoo! I was all set to book a room at the Circus-Circus, but... the damn reservation form has a DOM javascript error that kills the form on Safari. A quick little peek into Firebug shows that "numnights is not defined". Whoops! At least they should rest comfortably knowing that anyone with brains enough to buy a Mac won't be staying at Circus-Circus anyways.

Monte Carlo - which redesigned their site about 4 months ago, has gone and done it again. Maybe they just spruced it up a little. Maybe they changed the color scheme again. Something is quite different about it, except the boring factor.

Not to be outdone in the doo doo department - Stratosphere Hotel & Casino has launched a new website as well. Much thanks to Minvegas for posting the tip off in The VT discussion board. As RobbieNomi points out - the web cam is gone... wtf were these guys thinking? Another thing - there are two reservation forms on the home page. I spent nearly 20 minutes figuring out which one to use until I had to reboot my brain. The DHTML menus are pretty ugly... and the spacing is just plain weird. Parts of the footer are aligned center, some parts are aligned right, theres a strange white line that shows up from time to time in the middle of the page. Yikes... what a mess.

They should've hired the folks who did the PollyEsthers website that thing is rad.



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