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Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Releases Tourist Statistics

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 25th April 2007 11:18am
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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - the folks behind the snappy TV ads that $3 of your room rate goes to - have released the results of their 2007 survey of Las Vegas Tourists. There are some pretty interesting figures in the report, some of which we're not so sure we agree with being "actual".

On average, visitors paid:

  • $107/night for a room (up from $99)
  • $260 on food and drink (up from $248)
  • $68 on local transporation (up from $62)
  • $140 on shopping (up from $136)
  • $51 on shows (up from $49)
  • $652 on gambling (up from $626)

Visitors to Las Vegas:

  • Stayed 4.6 days (up 0.1 days)
  • 79% are married
  • 70% are unemployed (?)
  • 48% have college degree
  • Average 48 years old (up from 47.7)

These statistics seem quite odd. If a decent percentage of those asked had their room, food, beverage and shows comped and/or didn't participate in any of these activities and/or had someone else pay - then theres no way to accurately gauge what the hell is going on. Given that a truly baffling 70% of the knuckle heads they asked are "unemployed" - the U.S. national average is 5.4% - discredits this entire survey.

Some other points:

1) The Las Vegas Advisor released a study in April 2007 saying the average show ticket price $68.94. Granted there is some dumping of tickets to discount outlets on the day of the show, but conversely there are eBay, StubHub and Ticketmaster auctions that drive prices up for headline acts.

2) Average age is 48 years and up... they probably didn't send the survey to minors, therefore the age skew is going to start at 18 or so.

3) Does 'retired' or 'homemaker' count as unemployed? 70% is incredibly bizarre.

4)$107/night for a room? Obviously, if the people they are polling are unemployed then they're going to go for the less expensive rooms.

All in all, this seems like quite a strange set of statistics from the LVCVA, who probably shouldn't be trusted anyways.



Comments & Discussion:

yeah that stat is ridiculous... to say nothing of how it just screams "don't go to college! by the time you are over 40, 33.6% of you won't have a job!" (48% of the 70% allegedly unemployed = 33.6%) they need a new statistician apparently.

-=- christopher

my Las Vegas blog

The Unemployed stat does make sense in a way - this is the baby boomer generation, where the majority of the population is starting to retire now, coupled with many older people cstarting to cash out retirement accounts and such. Factor in the senior citizen portion of the population that normally goes to vegas, and subtract the number of teenagers and 20-somethings who wouldn't bother answering a survey, and that number could be correct. I would like to know what type of survey sample they used...did they only poll 1000 on Fremont st.? Still, I don't think it would explain 48%...

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