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Ooops: Atlanta Judge Busted in Poker Room Raid

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th April 2007 4:27pm
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Apparently the itch to hit runner runner straight is greater than one Atlanta magistrate Judge's duty to uphold the law. Judge Dorian Murry was picked up along with 50-odd other poker sneaks as they engaged in a heart pounding Texas Hold Em tournament at the underground cardroom called Poker Palace.

As if getting caught with rags wasn't bad enough, Judge Murry's poker buddies also had a grip of crack, blow and ecstasy on their persons.

Never ones to fold, this poker crew attempted to "steal the pot" and offered Sheriff Victor Hill a $500 bribe, then re-raised to $5000 to scare the Sheriff out of the pot. Putting his Super System knowledge to good use, Sheriff Hill held his cards and took down the pot with his bullets in the hole.

Ballsy poker Sheriff...

The Poker Palace invitational will be airing on ESPN 2 this weekend.



Comments & Discussion:

Since this happened in my neck of the woods, I'm going to comment (or should I say rant) on this. Instead of going after the real crime issues in the county, Sheriff Hill has been going after the less problematic but more publicity generating crime issues in the county. He's been trying to rid the county of video poker machines (quite a few places like the Poker Palace have the machines and pay out in cash instead of merchandise [in accordance with state law]) but has for the most part been thwarted because many out the machines are actually legal and those locations have not been caught paying cash to winners. He's doing stuff like this instead of cracking down on the 40+ gangs that have popped up in the county in the last few years. He's also been at odds with not only the county police department but also the County Commission. These nuisance raids of video poker places, shops selling adult material and/or drug paraphernalia, and massage parlors still don't hide the fact that the legal bills for various lawsuits involving the Sheriff and/or the Sheriff's Department has cost taxpayers millions of dollars already and there is the potential that the if these cases are ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, those costs could be $30 million plus. He's doing these kind of raids as a sort of wag the dog action to try to get on the good side of folks in the county.

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