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Update: Las Vegas Business Press Prints Our Wynn/New Frontier April Fools Gag as 'Sorta' Fact

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th April 2007 6:45pm
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Note: Addem added at the bottom - a mini-response to David McKee's blog post that was posted after the following news story. Be sure to read David's article, he gives VT and the post below a bonafide ass whoopin.

- - - - - -

Now, let's get one thing 'kinda' straight. VegasTripping is a reputable publisher of Vegas travel and gaming industry news stories - 364 days per year. The one day where we are more than happy to bend, actually invent the truth is April Fools Day.

We've been posting fraudulent April Fools Day news stories every year since we started this thing... a goofy little trick we picked up from jambands.com about 10 years ago. The VT Posse looks forward to this day for months in advance, gathering around the poker table tossing in ideas for April Fools gags every coupla hands or so. We're fortunate that our readers are just as devious and creative as we are... we're deluged annually with a floatilla of email "high-fives" and ideas for next years April Foolery.

Well, apparently not everyone clicks the "read the complete story" link at the bottom of the page.

No cornucopia of adjectives, verbs, nouns, emoticons or onomatopoeias can remotely describe the LMAOROFL hysterics of all of us here at the VT office/crashpad experienced when our buddy Hunter at TwoWayHardThree.com emailed us this link. The mighty and awesome Las Vegas Business Press (the best news source in LV!) printed our B.S. story about Wynn purchasing the New Frontier story... right down to the $1.78 Billion figure we invented.

Another rumor that surfaced over the weekend had Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn making a play for the New Frontier Hotel & Casino to the tune of $1.78 billion.“It’s in the rumor mill,” said VegasTodayandTomorrow.com curator Mark Adams reported on April 2, “that Steve Wynn has offered (New Frontier owner) Phil Ruffin $1.78 billion and that Ruffin has verbally agreed,” information that Adams credited to “an inside source. “Steve Wynn wants to expand his relationship with Donald Trump,” who is erecting condos behind Ruffin’s casino, “and this could be the beginnings of that.”

Or maybe not. By Tuesday, the rumor was being blamed on an April Fools’ Day item that ran on the Las Vegas architecture blog Two Way Hard Three and Adams was backing off the story, which he had repeatedly emphasized was “rumor.”

Why this got attributed to TwoWayHardThree is beyond comprehension... there is no mention of that specific gag story on TWHT, just some comments about another gag of us buying out Hunter. Secondly, why they would inquire to Mark Adams, the guy behind VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com is even further beyond comprehension [Update 4/04/07 - why not ask us? ]. Anyways, we dig both Mark and Hunter and their kick ass websites.

The point of all this - other than bathing in the warm springs of April Foolery - is VT is downright flattered beyond belief to have our April Fools Day gag splashed on the pages of the Las Vegas Business Press. Thanks guys!

You know that y'all can trust VT to give you the straight dope about everything Las Vegas. 364.25 days a year... 24/7.

- - - Addendum 4/4/07 - - - - -

Mr. McKee has been caught in the crossfire of an April Fools gag and is angry. It's very understandable for a journalist to protect their basic commodity - integrity. His post pretty much speaks for itself, no commentary is needed on our part.

We would like to throw one little point up for discussion - is VT's award-winning graphic design and navigation really that bad? Other than that... we're over and done with this.



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Funnier than shit.

well played - and here i thought it would have made sense - I figured that the high rollers were tired of looking out of their suites and seeing the "Cold Beer Dirty Girls" sign...

Your design isn't that bad. He's probably just bitter that you slammed the new design of LVBP parent Review-Journal.

McKee's a McDouche

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