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Dr. Deathwatch Responds to Trippies Editors Picks

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007 12:31am
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Our friend Nick Christenson (aka Dr. Deathwatch) emailed a lengthy response to the Editors Choices for the Trippies 2006. We appreciate the detail he has gone through in formulating his responses and in many instances agree with his opinions. Either way, we're just psyched to have another expert opinion of someone who is on the ground in Vegas 24-7. We hope you find this discussion informative at the very least.

Take it away Nick...

Overall: Worst The Riv? The Riv has history and a decent coffee shop. It's also old, so it has an excuse. That's three things NYNY doesn't have. If it vanished, I'd cheer.

Rooms : Worst If you're confining yourself to the Strip, New Frontier is a fine choice. If you include downtown, you *gotta* go with the Western. [ The Western is so low rent its off our radar - Ed]

Chow : Best I think Bellagio still beats out Wynn, although it's arguable.

Chow : Worst Riv again? You say, "What's worse than bad food? Indifferent food." Wrong. What's worse than bad food? Food poisoning. Of course, the Boardwalk is gone, so there's less of a risk. I'd say "New Frontier" or "IP" on the Strip, although nearly any Harrah's would be a candidate. [ Kady's coffee shop is the absolute worst... bar none. - Ed ]

Buffet : Worst Riviera again? Doesn't hold a candle to IP or Circus. [ What can we say... the Riviera is getting a pounding this year. - Ed ]

Places to Get Laid : These are the best places to have sex? Who needs that? Better category, best places to find someone to have sex with. [ Thats what the category is. The VT Editorial staffers are all "taken" so we stretched the definition a little - Ed ]

Ultralounge : Best This made me laugh. I'd rather have good VP machines to boot, though. I'd take the bar at Main St. Station with the decent (though not great) VP and microbrews.

Casino : Worst Riv again? Hey, the Riv is still in the top 66% of all places on the Strip in my book. You can still get a good gamble at the Riv. My worst? Harrah's. Bland, bad games, Walmart customers. [ You're right... Harrah's blows as well. - Ed ]

Table Games : Worst TI? Really? I'd rather play there than Harrah's, or my winner (loser), the Rio. [ Continuous shuffle blackjack w/6:5 pay taboot puts TI at the bottom of our list - Ed ]

VP : Best First, MSS dumped their FP deuces machines, so that recommendation is out. Best on/near the Strip? Has to be the Palms. FPDW progressives at $0.25. $1 and $2 FPDB. Have to head to the boondocks to do better than that.

VP : Worst Has to be Caesars. They had decent stuff, but Harrah's gutted them. It's extra bad to go from decent to abyssmal. Those Harrah's pussies.

PokerRoom : Best Bellagio is the answer, although I understand the issue with the waits. Wynn is acceptible. Mandalay Bay? Not even in the running. Venetian is fine when there's action there, that's not always the case. Frankly, I might go with Binion's for the quality staff, short waits, and the atmosphere. [ Our poker players agree... Mandalay is thrown into the mix mostly because it is lower pressure for beginning players - Ed]

Sportsbook : Best Easily the Hilton. John Avello at the Wynn is a pussy with no stones. Only dude that has less gamble in him is Art Manteris at the Station joints.

Sportsbook : Worst Plaza? Nope. It's second BEST downtown. Also, the whole west wall of the book is all electronic, dunno where you got that whiteboard thing. Have you seen the book at Hooters? It's an embarassment. Easily the worst. The book at the Cal is also horrible. [Unbeknownst to us... the book at the Plaza has been refurbished. - Ed ]

Casino Carpet : Best I like the new carpet they put in at Binion's. Of course, I have a soft spot for their old carpet.

Vegas Book: Best A good choice, but how can anyone overcome "Fear and Loathing"? [ Fear and Loathing was last years winner and we thought we'd go with something more current this year - Ed ]

Vegas Book : Worst Rob Singer's, "The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker". Give me Gideon's any day.

Implosion Rumor : Best We'd accept Circus Circus, even though it won't happen for a while. Best rumor? The Imperial Palace's parking garage, bar none.

Implosion Rumor : Worst I'm indifferent to the Flamingo. It no longer has that classic vibe to me. I'd say the Hilton is the one that folks say will be torn down that I least want to see go.

Pet Peeve: Cocktails is a good one, I agree. All of a sudden getting your customers boozed up is a cost center rather than an investment. Fuck that. My pick, though, is LV Taxi service. The rates are usurous, and you can't go from the Stratosphere to the Wynn without someone trying to take you through the fucking airport tunnel. Thankfully, that's not a problem for me these days.



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