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Why There Are No Superbowl Parties In Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 5th February 2006 4:19am
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In cities and hamlets across America today, folks will be talking about, preparing food for and tuning in to watch the Super Bowl.

Except here.

In Vegas, everyone is bracing for something called the Big Game. Naturally, they are one and the same. It's just that in this city, the term Super Bowl has largely been expunged from the local vocabulary, pretty much under pressure from the NFL.

About two years ago, pro football clamped down on the popular casino Super Bowl parties -- which had been held for years -- contending that many of the gatherings violated the league's copyright on the game. And using the words "Super Bowl" in almost any context without the league's permission was a trademark infringement.

So cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard this past week, you see no invitations to hop into a casino to watch the Super Bowl, just the occasional coy summons to view the Big Game. And ask about a party where you can root for the Steelers, the Seahawks or your money -- well, you'd better watch your mouth, Buster.

"Yeah, party has pretty much become a four-letter word," said Jay Kornegay, who runs the sports and race book at the Las Vegas Hilton. The NFL says it holds no animus for Las Vegas and casinos in particular but the ban on Super Bowl parties is the most prominent episode in what has been at times a testy relationship between two 900-pound gorillas of American pop culture -- Las Vegas and the NFL.

"We're not trying to shut down Las Vegas; we're not trying to shut down casinos; we're not moralists," said NFL executive vice president Jeff Pash. "We just know that we're better off if there's a clear separation [between the league and gambling]."

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In November 2004, after the head of the umbrella group that represents the interests of many major casino companies asked the NFL to clarify its position on Super Bowl telecasts, the league sent a letter that has become the law with which casinos now live.

The NFL made clear that no one was permitted to charge admission to view the game, and that theater or auditorium settings or using multiple or oversized monitors was forbidden. The league did allow an exception that venues that had shown sports regularly in the course of business would be permitted to continue doing so for the Super Bowl. That meant establishments, from neighborhood sports bars to casino sports and race books, could show the game.



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