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Introducing the Trippies Class of 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Introducing the Trippies Class of 2017. Congratulations to all the winners! ...

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 2

As some of you know, I've spent the last half of 2016 writing about Macau. Previously, I posted here pointing folks to the 15 chapter, 40,000 words and 200 photos story documenting the trip and its bizarre conclusion. As part of the eight day trip, I stayed in eight different hotels... packing up and moving every day to a brand new hotel experience. It was most definitely an exhausting experience, but has fostered what I consider to be the absolute best hotel reviews...

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Sayonara Wynn Nightlife Social Media History

On January 1st the social media accounts of all of Wynn Las Vegas' nightlife venues deleted all of their previous posts. For xsample: XS Instagram, XS Facebook. I'd link to their Snapchat but other than making my face look like a giant waffle, I have no idea how to use it. Twitter has no internal mechanism to bulk-delete tweet history. Gone forever are ~10 years of bottle babes, rain making, champagne baths, mouse heads, and greased men standing knee deep in a pool, deltoid...

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Sayonara Bellagio Table Game Canopies

We've recently received a tip that MGM Resorts International have begun removing the cloth canopies above the table games inside of Bellagio's casino. Not only have the canopy drapes been removed, they've removed the drape supports and started filling in and repainting the screw holes. The casino canopies have been a defining feature of Bellagio's casino since the joint opened in 1998. The tassel fringe drapery oozes old world classic luxury and provides a softness to the millwork. The fabrics were selected specifically to filter...

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Trippies 2017 Webcast Live This Saturday!

Ladies and germs, Just wanted to give y'all a heads up that we will be announcing the winners of the 2017 Trippies Best (and Worst) of Las Vegas readers poll awards live via webcast THIS Saturday, January 7, 2017 starting promptly at 6:11pm Vegas time. Grab yourself a frosty beverage, stretch out your typing fingers and prepare for an evening of chit-chat and 3rd degree nonsense. It is all going down right here: Trippies 2017 Live Webcast. See you on Saturday night!...

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Some Thoughts About Alon

Alon management released a statement and the above rendering in response to the news that Crown Limited was withdrawing from further investment in the project. The founders and developers of Alon Las Vegas will continue to explore all of its options to advance the project and optimize the value for its stakeholders. Crown Resorts, the principal financial and strategic partner of Alon, has elected not to move forward with the Alon Las Vegas project at this time. The Alon site is the most compelling new development opportunity...

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Crown Pulls Out Of Alon

Crown Resorts, as part of a major restructuring, announced that they have decided not to move forward with the Alon project. The Board has resolved not to proceed with the Alon project in Las Vegas at this time and is assessing options to optimise the value of from Crown’s investment in the project. The terms "optimise the value" could mean sale of their portions of alon's holdings - intellectual property, plans, designs, assets, the parcels gained in bankruptcy auction etc - to another investment group. Following an extensive...

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The Lucky Dragon Photo Safari

VT reader Waffle was at Lucky Dragon's soft-opening and was super nice enough to take us on a little photo safari of the brand new property. Very cool! Take it away Waffle! -Chuck Ever since moving to Vegas a little over 5 years ago I always had two big bucket list items. 1. See a property get blown up (check - Riviera) 2. See a property built from the ground up get opened. The last to do this was Cosmopolitan back...

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The Trippies 2017 Final Nominees Are...

Howdy ladies and germs, just a quick note to tell y'all that the nominations have been tabulated and I'm super happy to present your nominees for the 2017 Trippies Awards. You need to be a registered member of VegasTripping to vote in the Trippies. If you are already logged in, go vote, if not log in here. If you do not have an account this is where you get one. Congratulations to all nominees! Have fun....

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The Trippies 2017 Nomination Phase Is Now Open

Each and every November for the last eleven years, VegasTripping has asked its readers (you) to tell us what their favorite and least favorite Vegas stuff is. Unlike every other Las Vegas poll, The Trippies are awarded based on nominations and final votes that are entirely submitted by the readers. In each category, the top 5 responses that receive the most nominations are then formally nomination to compete for the final round of voting, which determines who will take home the Trippies trophy. I'm pretty...

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The Crown Of Macau... And Eventually Vegas

Just wanted to give folks who are interested ālon watchers a heads up... I just posted my review of the Crown Towers at City of Dreams Macau on our sexy little sister site As some of you know, there will be a Crown branded component to the forthcoming ālon development and reading this review may be somewhat informative as to how Crown operates their hotels, particularly regarding service. You can take a gander at it here: Crown Towers at City of Dreams Macau - The...

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LA Times Talks Lucky Dragon

The L.A. Times' David Pierson has a profile of the forthcoming China-themed Lucky Dragon hotel and casino. Read it here. Lucky Dragon, though tiny compared with those properties, addresses what they see as a gap in the market: middle-class Chinese gamblers, Chinese Americans as well as the broader Asian American community. In addition to showing off some interior construction interior (love the casino mezzanine photo, hate the pink light caused by the red windows in the room) the piece features a good argument as to...

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MGM Resorts Increases Resort Fees YET AGAIN

The lovely, thoughtful and caring executives in charge of MGM Resorts International are yet again raising their resort fees. All rooms booked starting November 8th will have to pay the new fees. The last resort fee increase was just under three months ago. Aria, Bellagio and Vdara will raise their fees $3, from $32 to $35/night plus tax. Luxor and Excalbur will raise their fees $3, from $26 to $29/night plus tax. Circus Circus will raise their fees $3, from $21 to $24/night. For those keeping score...

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