Las Vegas Casino Implosions : Aladdin, Dunes, Sands, Landmark, Hacienda, Stardust, Boardwalk, Castaways, El Rancho Implosion Videos

On to the BIG Casino in the sky...

While it is always sad to see one of the grand dames of Las Vegas bite the dust, we must remember... without their demise we would not have Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Wynn Las Vegas, Aladdin (again), and a giant parking lot where the Landmark stood.

They say that when Las Vegas does something, it does it huge. Massive casinos, massive hotels, huge bets, huge parties, birthday cakes the size of a warehouse. Not to be satisfied with a simple wreckingball, Las Vegas has turned the destruction of its casinos into full fledged entertainment featuring fireworks, jetfuel explosions, bomb blasts and cannon fire. What a better way to send off an old friend than with a blowout - literally.

We present to you some miniature video captures of Vegas casino implosions below.

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Implosion of the Aladdin

Aladdin is one of the few casinos to be imploded then rebuilt with the same name. Opened April 1, 1966 (after a few years at the Tally Ho) the venerable Aladdin was imploded April 27, 1998, 32 years (almost to the day) since its opening.

Implosion of the Dunes

The Dunes, along with the Sands and the Desert Inn were the three kings of the Las Vegas strip from the 1940s & 50s until they each met their demise in the 1990s. The Dunes was fired upon by the TI adjacent Brittania causing the Dunes to become engulfed in flames and come crashing to the earth. From the ashes rose Bellagio which opened in 1998.

Implosion of the Hacienda

The Hacienda was the southernmost resort on the Las Vegas Strip standing as gatekeeper into Vegas for 30+ years. I was purchased by Circus-Circus in 1995 and imploded to make way for Mandalay Bay in a nationally televised event on December 31, 1996.

Implosion of the Landmark

Famous for its appearance in Mars Attacks, the International Hotel and Casino was built by Howard Hughes in the late 1960s in a competition with Kirk Kerkorian's neighboring International Hotel (Now the Las Vegas Hilton). The Landmark with its iconic observation deck was imploded on November 7, 1995

Implosion of El Rancho

The second El Rancho on the Strip (the first was destroyed by fire in 1960) stood on the grounds of the historic Silver Bird and Thunderbird casinos. It stood vacant on the strip for many years with a sorry marquee that pronounced the pending opening of "Countryland". Countryland never came to be as El Rancho was imploded October 3, 2000. Turnberry Estates and the coming Fontainebleau Casino sit on the land where the second El Rancho once stood.

Implosion of the Sands

After 44 years anchoring the Las Vegas Strip and inventing Las Vegas Cool with it's magical "Summits" featuring The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, the Sands was imploded to make way for Venetian on November 26, 1996

Implosion of the Stardust

The Stardust anchored the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip for nearly 50 years from its opening in 1958 until its closure and implosion on March 13, 2007. Stardust will be replaced by a new mega-resort called Echelon Place. Video taken by

Implosion of the Boardwalk

The Boardwalk Hotel and casino opened in 1969 as a Holiday Inn Casino. It skimmed along as a second (or third) tier property until it was closed in January 2006 and imploded on May 9, 2006. City Center is currently being built where Boardwalk once was.

Implosion of Castaways

Castaways was a locals casino on the outskirts of downtown, it was imploded with little fanfare in 2006. This is not the Castaways that was on the Strip.

Implosion of New Frontier

The venerable New Frontier's valiant twenty year attempt at making progress stop on the Las Vegas Strip has finally come to a close with it's implosion this morning at 2:34am PST. The building that housed the Strip's only mechanical bull came crashing down in a heap of yee haws and cheers from the punters out in the chilly Las Vegas morning