Vegas Eats: Red 8 at Wynn Las Vegas

Tasty Pan-Asian Delights at Wynn Las Vegas

Posted by Miss Monkay

The Wynn Las Vegas website describes Red 8 as 'A casual restaurant serving authentic tastes from Cantonese noodle dishes to Hong Kong-style dim sum and barbecue.' That is exactly what is offered up. It is 'Asian' food, period. There is no loyalty to one particular region, which worked in Chuckmonster's favor when confronted with my 'but I don't care for Chinese food' argument. Red 8 offers up tasty delights from not only China, but Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, Malaysia but it also incorporates spices and influences from the entire Asian continent. You can't really go wrong here, unless your tastes are isolated to middle America. If that is the case, a $6 plate of Kim Chee may not float your boat.

We decided on Red 8 mainly because we had not had the opportunity to check the joint out before. Staying at the Wynn is an occasion for us so we figured we would take advantage of the offerings abound.

We started off with the Malaysian Chicken Satays with the Chunky Peanut Sauce and the Fried Calimari with a Hoisen-style dipping sauce.

The satay was different than most I have had in the past. Usually chicken satay is a standard order for us when visiting any Thai joint and it rarely varies: flattened marinated meat on a stick. Red 8's Malaysian version was a wee different. The meat was not flat strips stuck to a stick. Yes, there was a stick, but the meat seemed fluffy, if that is at all possible. In appearance, it seemed to have peaks and soft spikes.

The flavor did not stray too far from what we anticipated, but there were mild differences. The chunky peanut sauce ran out too quickly for the 3 large skewers we were presented with. Tasty? Yes.

The calimari looked as expected and was mostly tender. Battered and fried to perfection, the squid was paired nicely with the dipping sauce, but again, not enough of it.

For our entrees, we opted for the Pepper and Garlic Chicken and the Malaysian Chicken Curry.

The pepper chicken was as expected, but the quality of the chicken was excellent. Very tender and spiced nicely. However, it was the Malaysian curry that was the star of the meal. We have been on an Indian food kick recently and the curry was a welcome spice to us. While we have never been to Malaysian or tried Malaysian cuisine before, the curry was a familiar flavor to us and reminded us of our favorite Indian joint back home. The curry was served with large pieces of tender chicken and some root veggies. The chicken was easily cut with our fork and curry was not too spicy where we could not enjoy it. It came with a side of rice that helped us soak up the delicious sauce.

While dessert is usually an option for me, the offerings did not appeal to me: Mango and coconut puddings and a variety of ice creams. I am sure they were tasty, but not enticing enough for me to waste precious calories on. Instead we opted for some coffee, which was served in a large Japanese tea cup. The lack of handle on the cup forced us to wait for the coffee to cool (and the cup by proxy) before we could enjoy our very first cup of Wynn coffee that weekend. The only disappointment of the meal.

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