Parlor Suite at Wynn Las Vegas - VegasTripping Review 2006

You have our permission to splurge

Posted by Chuckmonster

Master Bath - Second Sink

The second sink is identical to the shower and vanity adjacent sink, but minus the accoutremonts at the other. Essentially this is the wash up area for the toilet right next door.

Waxy Poetic Conclusion

How often have you heard this: "Why would I want to pay all that money for a room I'll probably never be in anyways?" There are two answers... the first: the room you're paying for isn't worth hanging out in anyway because its actually a particle board mirage. Second, if you did spend it at Wynn Las Vegas, damn straight you'd spend some time in the room - this isn't a room buddy - it's a suite and a sweet one at that. Comprable suites do exist in all the high end hotels in Las Vegas, most of them are reserved for high rollers. This little piece of paradise can be yours, much like a suite at THEhotel or Bellagio for a premium price. But for the money, the Wynn has all of their competitors out played before the cards are even shuffled.

At the time of our visit - some 16 or so months since Wynn Las Vegas opened - some cracks in the Wynn veneer are beginning to show - figuratively and literally. One of the faucets in the tub popped off and bounced across the bathroom floor leaving me stuck in the tub as scalding hot water filled it up. A minor grievance, but one that should be noted. Some of the furniture is showing the beginning stages of wear around the edges and the drywall over the tub had three foot long hairline crack in it. I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't spent two unbelievably theraputic hours in the tub. Again a minor points - but still need to be noted. Our trip to Las Vegas was centered around Miss Monkay and I getting married. The actual act of getting married is easy (kinda like opening the doors of an already built hotel), but the act of keeping your relationship hotel healthy and happy when the faucet falls off or inevitable cracks of age appear is where the difficulties of hotelerie lie. While still in its infant stage, this review of Wynn Las Vegas is essentially a time capsule, a true review of Wynn Las Vegas can only occur after time begins to age it. Five years, ten years, twenty years? How long? Will Wynn Las Vegas hold up better than LuXoR has in its? Most likely yes, but not if MGM Mirage takes over the joint.

Yes, Wynn Las Vegas is great, you probably know that already. In the Parlor Suites at Wynn, the amenities are hand picked, the decor is well designed, well thought out, tasteful, elegant and truly fabulous. Is the parlor suite the right choice for a bunch of your buddies to have a bachelor party in? Maybe not. Is it the right choice for people with champagne tastes? Yes. Is it affordable for the 'everyman' who wants to splurge on something extra special? Yes.

You have our permission to splurge.

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Awesome and hilarious review Chuck. Thank you for being a true renaissance man aware of your surroundings--most people think the Mondrian is an obscure decoration.

Beethoven's 5th piano concerto, the "Emperor", 2nd movement. Great touch ;-).

Thanks! Evidently some of the other works from the Wynn Gallery are hanging in the Villas. If only...

Believe me, I'm working on it (the Villas) and there will be a party of epic proportions if I pull through. I can't say for sure, but I'm almost certain the private baccarat rooms have some of the other masterworks as well.

Thanks for the wonderful, amusing and insightful review. We live in Las Vegas and love the poker room at Wynn and have always wondered about the hotel experience. Especially loved the detailed photos!

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