Parlor Suite at Wynn Las Vegas - VegasTripping Review 2006

You have our permission to splurge

Posted by Chuckmonster

Do we really want to stay at the (insert Harrah's property here) again? The offers keep pouring in... freebie at Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Ballys, Paris... endless Harrah's comps. It's time to book a room for our annual Miss Monkay birthday blowout, why not snap an offer and go? Because Harrah's isn't and never will hold a golf tee to Wynn Las Vegas. Plus Mr. Steve came through with a comp of his own. We checked into Wynn Las Vegas for a four night stay, first night comped in a Tower Suite, two nights in a Parlor Suite, and a final night in a Resort Suite at Tower Suite price. Why all the moving around? Well... after 6 years of living in sin, we decided to make it legal at the Wynn Las Vegas wedding salon, and splurged for a coupla nights of 'awesome.'

Video Walkthrough of Wynn Las Vegas Parlor Suite

Wynn Las Vegas, Resort Tower - Parlor Suite, Room 3615

Room 3615 is in the Tower Suites area of Wynn Las Vegas - the entrance is towards the rear of the casino, past the high limit slots and Red 8 restaurant. Resort Suite guests are privy to a seperate check-in, seperate pool and seperate concierge services than the rest of the hotel.

The Art of Wynn Las Vegas

The 'invited guest' lounge features a newly discovered Rembrandt Self Portrait With Shaded Eyes (1634). The concierge desk features one of Mondrian's last paintings New York Boogie Woogie (1941). Steve Wynn bought the Rembrandt in 2003 for $11.3M, and the Mondrian $21M in 2004 - thats a lot of cheddar for some art thats a little tucked away. The other major works currently on display in public areas at Wynn Las Vegas are both Picasso's. Le Reve (1932 - $48M) and Nature Morte Aux Tulipes (1932 - $28.6M). Grand total? $108.9 million smackers - thats a lot of hands of blackjack baby. Regardless of the purchase price and current locations of masterworks of art at Wynn Las Vegas, it sure is great to walk by a genuine Mondrian on your way to do battle with the Triple Double Diamond Haywire slot machines on the casino floor. It puts a little extra spring in your step. Gives you something to shoot for... know what I'm sayin?

So, past the Mondrian, Rembrandt, Resort tower pool deck and Tableau restaurant lies a teeny weeny elevator vestibule that takes you up to Wynn Las Vegas Resort Suites. Hop in, press 36 and away we go. Resort Tower suites are basically a cordoned off end of the big brown chocolate cake tower, maybe 1/3 of the length of the whole building. Their decoration is dark brown with brown carpeting featuring creme colored floral inlays in the same pattern as in the rest of the hotel.

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Awesome and hilarious review Chuck. Thank you for being a true renaissance man aware of your surroundings--most people think the Mondrian is an obscure decoration.

Beethoven's 5th piano concerto, the "Emperor", 2nd movement. Great touch ;-).

Thanks! Evidently some of the other works from the Wynn Gallery are hanging in the Villas. If only...

Believe me, I'm working on it (the Villas) and there will be a party of epic proportions if I pull through. I can't say for sure, but I'm almost certain the private baccarat rooms have some of the other masterworks as well.

Thanks for the wonderful, amusing and insightful review. We live in Las Vegas and love the poker room at Wynn and have always wondered about the hotel experience. Especially loved the detailed photos!

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