Flamingo Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

We visit another joint on the Vegas endangered species list

Posted by Chuckmonster

This little loveseat is perched facing Bellagio. Its nice to have a sitting area that isn't a chair. It offers you the opportunity to sink in a little bit, without having to resort to laying down in a bed. The coffee table is movable, but it weighs a ton. I found .83 cents in the couch.

The armoire. Behind it was a jumbled pile of electrical cords and a powerstrip - very unsightly and cheesy. The Flamingo dosen't offer ethernet cable connection, instead you have to do battle with a WebTV like device that isn't worth the $15 bucks they charge you for it. The TV has all sorts of channels... recent run movies, some basic cable and a decent collection of porn.

Vanity. No hotel room worth its salt dosen't have a funny looking mini-table with an even funnier lookin mini-chair positioned prominently to remind you that you should pick your zits before playing blackjack. Yes, it's the vanity - a concoction devised mostly for women who excel at applying copious amounts of eyeliner, lip gloss and clearasil before hitting the center bar in search of Mr. Right for a Saturday Night in Vegas. Me, I'm a man. I have no use for such devices.

The View. The afternoon view from our Flamingo nest. Nighttime shows great views of the fountain extravaganza, and daytime you can study, memorize and blueprint the airconditioning systems of the Barbary Coast.

The Fabulous Flamingo 2006 isn't all that much different from the Fabulous Flamingo 2004 (pre-Harrahs). The main differences are surely the integration with the Total Rewards system. Easy check in for Platinum or Better cardholders, phone ahead car delivery at the valet, jump to the head of the line at restaurants and probably a bunch more of amenities. Harrah's seems to be tightening up the screws of the place, whereas before there were banisters missing in the elevator, wallpaper peeling off in some places, scuff marks on the walls, dirty ashtrays and other unsightlys, nowadays these threadbares are mostly patched. The Flamingo is definitely showing its age, but props definitely need to go to Harrah's for all their diligent upgrades to the joint - new restaurants, new staff, Total Rewards perks and a general clean up.

So the next time you're on a jamdown to Vegas, need a room at a rate less than your car payment, and want to be in the center of the action... give the dirty bird a shot. It's VT Approved!

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We didnt stay at the Flamingo on our recent trip at the end of May, but stopped by the Casino to do some gambling. It had been quite a few years since I had been to the Old Bird. I was sadly disappointed in the turn she had taken. There were at least 30 slots that were inoperable and the vibe in the place was non-existent. It just seemed plain dead. I was disappointed. The last time I was here a few years ago the joint was jumping.....chiefmahoney

The Dirty Bird has gotten worse for the wear in the last 5 or so years, but _has_ improved (albeit slightly) since Harrah's took over. Still not a huge fan of the casino here... i'd rather gamble at WLV or Ballys.

Stayed at the Flamingo 7/22-7/25. Loved it! Sure its showing its age but you cannot beat the locattion. Had a great time in the poker room -- definitely the friendliest and most accommodating poker room on the strip. If you need a decent place to stay and aren't particularly high-maintenance then the Flamingo should be on your list. And yes they do have a terrific gift shop!

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