Flamingo Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

We visit another joint on the Vegas endangered species list

Posted by Chuckmonster

The Tub/Toilet. Basic toilet set up. Flushed well, but not with the force that some other joints have. I'd be worried to plug this one up after what happened at Wynn Las Vegas (last paragraph). What was disconcerting was the "turn the shower on by pulling the nub on the tub spigot thingy" didn't work. I called housekeeping and they sent up a repairman 5 minutes later. When he arrived, Miss Monkay was in the tub splashing about trying to take a shower from under the tub spigot. I asked the repairman if he could return in 10 minutes (10:30am), he told me he had a union break at 10:45 and would be back after 11am - never saw him again, but the tub was fixed the next time I tried it.

Bed. Comfy, a little springy. Way better than most, but if you're a Wynner or Bellagior, it will feel like a bale of hay. For those keeping track, the matress is a Serta Monitor. Two end tables had a phone, ashtrays, bibles and all that good stuff.

The Phone. Standard hotel phone stuff. Not really sure why we posted this photo. Oh... don't want to keep harping about Wynn Las Vegas, but the phone system there really kicks ass - all digital! I stole the pad, matches, pen and ashtray.

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We didnt stay at the Flamingo on our recent trip at the end of May, but stopped by the Casino to do some gambling. It had been quite a few years since I had been to the Old Bird. I was sadly disappointed in the turn she had taken. There were at least 30 slots that were inoperable and the vibe in the place was non-existent. It just seemed plain dead. I was disappointed. The last time I was here a few years ago the joint was jumping.....chiefmahoney

The Dirty Bird has gotten worse for the wear in the last 5 or so years, but _has_ improved (albeit slightly) since Harrah's took over. Still not a huge fan of the casino here... i'd rather gamble at WLV or Ballys.

Stayed at the Flamingo 7/22-7/25. Loved it! Sure its showing its age but you cannot beat the locattion. Had a great time in the poker room -- definitely the friendliest and most accommodating poker room on the strip. If you need a decent place to stay and aren't particularly high-maintenance then the Flamingo should be on your list. And yes they do have a terrific gift shop!

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