Flamingo Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

We visit another joint on the Vegas endangered species list

Posted by Chuckmonster

The Flamingo has two main hotel structures. One that looks out directly on the Vegas Strip and another that runs parallel to Flamingo Road behind Barbary Coast. We've stayed in both hotel towers and the one adjacent to Flamingo Road is much more preferable. While the Strip facing room is nice, particularly the elevator spillout right within steps of the lobby and casino, the continual pounding of house music from "Pure" at Caesars Palace can be a bit much at 6am. The more sedate Flamingo Rd tower has great views of Bellagio, and elevator access right next to the Flamingo's superb gift shop - definitely worth a visit on its own. In fact, next time you find yourself there, tell Myra that VegasTripping sent you and she'll give you a hug.

We headed up the elevator to the 26th floor, walked down the bamboo print carpeting (?), arrived at the door, inserted key, swung the door open - how exciting! Wah wah wah waaaaaaaaah. I swear we stayed in this Executive Suite before. Maybe they all look the same. Maybe i've entered a time portal and launched back to 2004. Maybe I need to head down to the bar and have a double scotch on rocks. Maybe all are true.

The Room is "extended basic"... some frills, but not the kind that give you the chills. No this isn't Wynn Las Vegas, nor theHotel, nor Bellagio nor was that expected. Nope, this isn't LuXor, or Monte Carlo, or New York- New York. But it's certainly a step above Circus2, Riviera, Sahara, Tropicana and the Imperial Palace - although the LuvTub rooms at the IP are pimptacular - mirrors over the bed! Yowza! It's a semi large room with decent furnishings, groovy color scheme, a comfy bed, a great love seat and a coupla other doodads lurking about.

Overall, the room is clean. Unlike the LuXor, the furniture does not show signs of repeated bashing by vacuum cleaners and room service carts. Unlike the Tropicana, there is a vibe in here, subtle, but its here. The room dosen't stink like smoke either. Ok, maybe a little. To the left of the entrance is the John... let's take a look.

The John. Basic amenities here. One sink, big mirror, somewhat scratchy towels, tissues and no phone next to the toilet. Remember: don't use the phone thats next to the john unless its an absolute emergency. The guy before you answered it in mid-ploop, with hands of questionable cleanliness... and housekeeping probably never cleans the phones. You've been warned.

I call this photo "Still Life with Hotel Bathroom Stuff". Look how finely displayed these toiletries are. No, the two similarly shaped items (pink goo and white goo) are not castling King Shower Cap or Queen Soap Bar. Instead they are perched ominously, as if demonstrating the Fibonacci chess opening, the Conditioning Shampoo is poised to take the Matchbook and put the ashtray in check. Really housekeeping, it dosen't take more than 10 seconds to make this stuff purty. They didn't sink the matches into the ashtray... this housekeeper shoots from the line like Shaq. One thing must also be noted... I miss customized hotel room ashtrays. Yah... people stole em, but seriously, they were cool - I have a cabinet full of em to prove it.

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We didnt stay at the Flamingo on our recent trip at the end of May, but stopped by the Casino to do some gambling. It had been quite a few years since I had been to the Old Bird. I was sadly disappointed in the turn she had taken. There were at least 30 slots that were inoperable and the vibe in the place was non-existent. It just seemed plain dead. I was disappointed. The last time I was here a few years ago the joint was jumping.....chiefmahoney

The Dirty Bird has gotten worse for the wear in the last 5 or so years, but _has_ improved (albeit slightly) since Harrah's took over. Still not a huge fan of the casino here... i'd rather gamble at WLV or Ballys.

Stayed at the Flamingo 7/22-7/25. Loved it! Sure its showing its age but you cannot beat the locattion. Had a great time in the poker room -- definitely the friendliest and most accommodating poker room on the strip. If you need a decent place to stay and aren't particularly high-maintenance then the Flamingo should be on your list. And yes they do have a terrific gift shop!

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