Photo Feature : Love-ing The Mirage

The Mirage Gets Gussied Up in Advance of The Beatles Arrival

Posted by Chuckmonster

There's a Love-in at The Mirage. No there isn't an orgy in the Sportsbook, but instead a full on Beatlesification of former Steve Wynn joint The Mirage. All signs are pointing to the new Cirque du Soleil / Beatles co-production being a complete blockbuster and The Mirage has knocked the ball way out of the park with their promotion and construction of the exterior of the Love Theater. We stopped by the Mirage on Saturday May, 20 2006 to see whats going on.

The Beatles - Cirque Du Soleil - Love at The Mirage

You didn't think Danny Gans was gonna get top billing did you? We'll he isn't - at least for now. Mr. Gans gave up his spot on the Mirage marquee to help trumpet the new Cirque / Beatles blockbuster. Mr. Gans's largesse will eventually be back on the Mirage Marquee as the greatest Rock Band Ever plays 2nd fiddle. Is there no justice in this world?

The Beatles - Cirque Du Soleil - Love at The Mirage

The outer glass on the High roller suites is being covered with Love-ly advertising. (Note: the installation of this ginormous advertsement it isn't finished yet. Wonder what Mr. Wynn thinks about this.)

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