Tropicana Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

The Way Vegas Used To Be and Won't Be Shortly

Posted by Chuckmonster

The armoire featured a basic TV and a few shelves of storage. The TV offerings include a whopping 13 channels, reviews of pay per view movies that I couldn't figure out how to order, no porn on demand, and very shoddy reception - after changing the channel the picture would clear up, only to get fuzzy and staticy 20 seconds later. No games, no nintendo, just your basic TV. The Tropicana preview channel (I love watching the casino preview channel!) was a random assortment of advertisements interspersed with interviews with Tropicana employees and other Vegas legends (Trop Valet Manager talking about high roller automobiles, Shecky Greene, maitre'd Pietro). Quite a bit more entertaining than that annoying comedian who does the bad Cher impressions on the Flamingo channel.

I barely noticed the desk & chair that were also in the room. The desk contained no Tropicana stationary, pens or other goodies that I enjoy rifling through and stealing. The desk did have "Whats On" and "Las Vegas Magazine" on them (not pictured - I stole em). Additionally there were no ashtrays in the room, but there was a bible just in case I decide to repent in a fit of gambling desperation. Internet connection? Forget it. If there is one, I didn't see it, and a wireless network wasn't advertised anywhere. I grabbed "Whats On" and plopped on the bed, getting the road wearyness out of my bones.

I noticed that the ceiling actually had some semi-attractive decorative moulding on it and the walls had NO artwork on them whatsoever. This is probably the most sparse Vegas hotel room I've ever seen and I've seen a ton of 'em. Even the Rodeway Inn on the other side of Hooters has more personality. Despite the lack of vibe, the room is clean and well kept, no threadbares or cigarette burns (Harrahs), frayed wallpaper (Flamingo), beat up furniture (LuXor) or spooge stains on the comforter (won't name names... gross). I'm tempted to think that with a creative choice of colors, new furnishings and some electronic upgrades this room could really rock.

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I read on LV Casino Death Watch that the new owners may rennovate and not tear down the Trop, I really hope this is true. I had a great stay there last summer, and low rollers like me need a place to stay! Does the Strip really need another overpriced hotel for beautiful people who drive BMWs and go to "be seen"? I don't think so.

You are dead on about the Celebration Lounge, we had a ball there. Love your website, keep up the nice work!


Still waiting for the Flamingo to get blown up. Those were some heavy rumors back then!

Hi!great article just wanna know something,last summer i stayed in las vegas in this hotel and i used the conditioner and since that i love it!can you tell me what brand is it? I will thank you a lot

@alo16 You might want to ask that on the Tropicana's Facebook page....

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