Tropicana Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

The Way Vegas Used To Be and Won't Be Shortly

Posted by Chuckmonster

The shower fixtures are similar in nature to the sink - but not nearly as confusing. The shower nozzle was fitted with the "Oxygenator" which turns a stream of water into a warm wet wind. I prefer actual water when I shower, a mist just dosen't soak down those hard to reach and usually smelly cracks and crevices. I'll stop now.

The bathroom was a preview of the main room itself. No frills were spared in the design, decoration and upkeep of this four-waller. The bed, a Serta Select mattress, was "springy" and a little bucketed, but when the chips were down and I was smashed later on in the evening, I slept without any effort or discomfort.

Two chairs and a coffee table were set up by the window offering a view of Hooters and all its hotpant glory. The chairs weren't easy chairs or couch like. The only place to "relax" in the room is the bed itself. To the right of the table set up was a small dresser/suitcase holder/safe.

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I read on LV Casino Death Watch that the new owners may rennovate and not tear down the Trop, I really hope this is true. I had a great stay there last summer, and low rollers like me need a place to stay! Does the Strip really need another overpriced hotel for beautiful people who drive BMWs and go to "be seen"? I don't think so.

You are dead on about the Celebration Lounge, we had a ball there. Love your website, keep up the nice work!


Still waiting for the Flamingo to get blown up. Those were some heavy rumors back then!

Hi!great article just wanna know something,last summer i stayed in las vegas in this hotel and i used the conditioner and since that i love it!can you tell me what brand is it? I will thank you a lot

@alo16 You might want to ask that on the Tropicana's Facebook page....

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