Tropicana Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

The Way Vegas Used To Be and Won't Be Shortly

Posted by Chuckmonster

The room opened out to the east with a view of MGM Grand and Hooters which looked much better at night (of course). If you craned your neck to the left, you had a great view of the MGM Lion, NY-NY and the Strip - very cool.

Immediately to the left of the entrance is a 10 foot long dark hallway with a door at the end. There is no lightswitch. Creepy. Evidently that is the door that opens to the adjoining room. I'm surprised the architects wasted all that square footage on a door that 1 in 200 visitors are going to actually use. If the tower were to be renovated instead of imploded, this area could easily be repurposed into expanding the bathroom into a more "spa" like vibe - larger glass enclosed showers, more people space, flat screen tv near the toilet. All that good stuff.

Just past the corridor of creeps lies the bathroom. Basic stuff - single sink, shampoo conditioner, very thin and not soft at all towels, a stand up shower/tub with standard vinyl shower curtain. The commode is slightly seperated off.

There are no acoutrements in the bathroom except a blow dryer, ice bucket and some plastic cups. No paintings, no fake flowers, basic toilet stuff and thats it. The faucet on the sink requires an engineering degree to operate... you have to pull it out then twist to get water at the desired temperature. The toilet flushes with force and gusto - obviously designed to handle post-buffet punishment. Draped over the tub is a standard bath mat just like you'd find at your Mom's house.

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I read on LV Casino Death Watch that the new owners may rennovate and not tear down the Trop, I really hope this is true. I had a great stay there last summer, and low rollers like me need a place to stay! Does the Strip really need another overpriced hotel for beautiful people who drive BMWs and go to "be seen"? I don't think so.

You are dead on about the Celebration Lounge, we had a ball there. Love your website, keep up the nice work!


Still waiting for the Flamingo to get blown up. Those were some heavy rumors back then!

Hi!great article just wanna know something,last summer i stayed in las vegas in this hotel and i used the conditioner and since that i love it!can you tell me what brand is it? I will thank you a lot

@alo16 You might want to ask that on the Tropicana's Facebook page....

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