Tropicana Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2006

The Way Vegas Used To Be and Won't Be Shortly

Posted by Chuckmonster

Arrival & Check In

Arriving at the Tropicana by car was easy. No hassles of strip traffic or finding a hidden parking garage (Flamingo) just a simple turn in and you're in the parking garage. Adjacent to the parking garage are the "Garden View Rooms" a series of low standing motel/hotel buildings that must date back to the 60s... funky, charming - sort of.

A quick stroll through the building revealed a casino smell that wasn't just smoke, but smoke plus fruity airfreshener. The Tropicana, in spite of its age, doesn't stink to high heaven like the Riviera, Sahara or other hotels of the same vintage. The property is quite clean throughout, well kept and maintained. I arrived at the reception desk, and inquired about an upgrade. While the receptionist was clacking away at the reservation system I noticed two fish tanks behind the reception desk. One filled to the gills with feeder goldfish, the other empty except for one fish whose markings matched it's dark and murky surroundings.

This isn't the Mirage.

An attentive Steve Wynn type would see the fish tank and realize that if it isn't kick ass, it should be removed. The happy medium might be, hire the kid at the local pet store to maintain the tank and put some groovy tropical fish in there. Probably would cost $200/month to do it and would escalate the first impressions greatly. I next wondered if i'm the only one who notices this stuff and if I should see a psychologist about it.

The receptionist awoke me from my Vegas psychosis by cheerfully flipping through a photo book on the counter telling me what was available. I opted for the Paradise Tower upgrade (+$30) in hopes of vegging out at the giant HAIRSPRAY advertisement that is covering the strip facing side of LuXor - The HAIRSPRAY PYRAMID sponsored by casino lapdog Again awoken from psychosis... the receptionist seemed very excited about the impending takeover when I asked about it. She was very helpful throughout the check-in process and not a jerk like the people at Mandalay Bay.

Room Vibes (?)

The 21 story Paradise Tower was built in 1979 and is located on the corner that faces Tropicana Boulevard and the Strip, i'm on the 16th floor in room 1603. Elevators are a dark grained wood and the piped in advertisements are comical (unintentionally). Something about the way the describe that lucious prime rib I always find amusing. The elevator opens at 16, I pile out... HOLY SHIT... someone turned off the AC or something... it feels and smells like a steam bath at 80% humidity. I pile down the hallway to 1603 and key open the door.

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Comments & Discussion

I read on LV Casino Death Watch that the new owners may rennovate and not tear down the Trop, I really hope this is true. I had a great stay there last summer, and low rollers like me need a place to stay! Does the Strip really need another overpriced hotel for beautiful people who drive BMWs and go to "be seen"? I don't think so.

You are dead on about the Celebration Lounge, we had a ball there. Love your website, keep up the nice work!


Still waiting for the Flamingo to get blown up. Those were some heavy rumors back then!

Hi!great article just wanna know something,last summer i stayed in las vegas in this hotel and i used the conditioner and since that i love it!can you tell me what brand is it? I will thank you a lot

@alo16 You might want to ask that on the Tropicana's Facebook page....

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