You Can't See All of Vegas In One Trip... Or Can You?

Potpourri Trip Report - Vegas Building Updates and Photos - April 2006

Posted by Chuckmonster

Tropicana - 9:36am

Woke up at 9:36am to the sounds of "clack clack clack... HOUSEKEEPING! clack clack clack... HOUSEKEEPING!" Jumped in the shower, checked out and headed over to Monte Carlo. Sometimes I forget that the Monte Carlo even exists. It's a nice place and all, but it is pretty much a blank slate. Their Cafe is named "Cafe", their buffet is named "Buffet", just plain weird. It's the most unpretensious non-entity of a joint in Vegas. On the way in from the back parking garage I noticed:

Boardwalk - 10:51am

Boardwalk is a hollow shell of a building. The exterior walls have been gutted and you can see right inside to the bare structure. Here's a photo.

Project CityCenter

Project CityCenter construction is underway, all the pavement and buildings have been cleared and the foundation dig is beginning (it's a pile of dirt).

Monte Carlo - 11:07am

I had breakfast at "Cafe", French Toast, 1 egg, side of bacon, coffee, OJ... $21.59. A little steep i'd say. The orange juice has NO pulp whatsoever, it tastes like tang. The bacon was buffet bacon - thin slice, brittle, greasy. The coffee - 1 refill, small cup, not very flavorful.

I'm beginning to accept that my Vegas experience has been spoiled by Wynn Las Vegas. Where a $22 breakfast tastes like a $45 breakfast and costs $35.

After breakfast I wandered about the Monte Carlo trying to get a vibe of the clientele - they are just people, strangers - no specific demographic except they all have a discerning lack of discernable discernability. I jumped around the slot floor to get a feel for the playability, lost $40 bucks and decided to split. I hit the highway at noon - 24 hours since I left Los Angeles.

Los Angeles - 4:21pm

So, whats the point of all this? There is no point. It's Vegas... relax, have fun... look at stuff, gamble.

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All in one day? Still looking around for 15 yrs. Not talking about in my 20's in 1976. Have stayed at Caesers, Desert Inn, 1/2 nite at excalibur-yuk-, Mirage alot, Bellagio alot, Venetian-hated it-one nite,Circus- Circus 1 nite just to get away from my kids (true). and at this point Wynn-Wynn-Wynn and some more Wynn. Have seen alot of hotels, and have even lost weight from walking around so much when I wasn't gambling., Last trip a whale tipped me $500 for holding down 3rd base. He felt I played properly that in turn he won $25,000 in 6 hands. Had to have the dealer explain that to me. Had never been tipped by a player. Only in Vegas and u never know what u'll see or what will happen. I keep coming back! How can u possible see all of Vegas, yet experience it in one day. Impossible.

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