You Can't See All of Vegas In One Trip... Or Can You?

Potpourri Trip Report - Vegas Building Updates and Photos - April 2006

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hooters - 1:20am

Hooters is bumping! The place was busy on a Wednesday night - mostly guys drinking beer like they're at a frat party (surprise surprise). The only thing tighter than Hooters' slot machines is the orange shorts the blackjack dealers are wearing.


Hooters' adverts on the Deuce Bus says "Come gamble with us while we still have money." Comedy.

Tropicana - 2:05am

Got back to the Trop and hit the fucking bar. Employees at the Tropicana we spoke to are very excited about the buyout offers. Not really sure if it registered with them that they'll soon be out of a job though.

I was beat. 4+ hour drive to Vegas plus 10 hours of chasing photos around. I saddled up to the bar and got a tall frosty Newcastle then slow burned some more cash on a slot machine as the Newcastles kept coming. Crashed at 3:34am.

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All in one day? Still looking around for 15 yrs. Not talking about in my 20's in 1976. Have stayed at Caesers, Desert Inn, 1/2 nite at excalibur-yuk-, Mirage alot, Bellagio alot, Venetian-hated it-one nite,Circus- Circus 1 nite just to get away from my kids (true). and at this point Wynn-Wynn-Wynn and some more Wynn. Have seen alot of hotels, and have even lost weight from walking around so much when I wasn't gambling., Last trip a whale tipped me $500 for holding down 3rd base. He felt I played properly that in turn he won $25,000 in 6 hands. Had to have the dealer explain that to me. Had never been tipped by a player. Only in Vegas and u never know what u'll see or what will happen. I keep coming back! How can u possible see all of Vegas, yet experience it in one day. Impossible.

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