You Can't See All of Vegas In One Trip... Or Can You?

Potpourri Trip Report - Vegas Building Updates and Photos - April 2006

Posted by Chuckmonster

You can't see it all in one trip - let alone a high speed 24 hour burn through Sin City. The mission? Scope out and bring back a photo-filled report on the Vegas Building Boom - do it all in one night, 24 hours from arrival to departure.

Los Angeles - 12:04pm

I blasted out of L.A. just after noon - eyeing the next 24 hours in the face like a curvaceous pair of scalloped chick fillets stuffed inside an extra tight set of Hooters girl waitress shorts. I was excited, enthralled, somewhat drooling, but also afraid to stare. I had 24 hours to get the scoop on Vegas' dozens of building projects as well as make an attempt at scoring photos of Red Rock and most of the larger casinos in town. Like those polyester orange shorts, time would be tight and dillydallying at a craps table would be out of the question.

Vegas - 4:29pm

Arrived in Vegas at 4:29pm, checked in and set up shop at the Tropicana. The old Trop has been in the news quite a bit lately so giving her a refresher test drive was a must. After a quick check in and room upgrade (I couldn't stand the thought of staying in the dumpy Garden View rooms out back) I headed up to 1603 in the Paradise Tower (full hotel review coming soon). After a quick scan of the room and a breather, I hopped back into the battle wagon - camera and tripod in tow and headed out to Red Rock to check the joint out and snap some pics (full photo feature coming soon).

Red Rock - 6:33pm

Red Rock is "open" - the rear portion of the hotel is still surrounded by cranes and about 50% erected. The inside of the joint is very very well done - even if the outside looks like the bastard child of Wynn Las Vegas, a 1966 motor lodge and a Station Casino/Shopping Mall. More details about Red Rock are forthcoming. After departing Red Rock I searched hi and lo for a route up to the mountains to snag a panoramic photo of the Strip... but to no avail every road ended in a planned community cul-de-sac or construction site. I did manage to find a park with a nice view of the strip (8:11pm), but by then the batteries in the camera had quit and the spares didn't charge properly. Next stop: 7-11 for batteries (8:49pm), then Palms/Rio/Gold Coast on the way to Downtown Fremont Street.

Palms Playboy Tower - 9:05pm

Playboy Tower at Palms is up and mostly skinned. The top floors look to still have some work left on them, but the twin Palms towers are quite radiant.

Panorama Towers - a condo project on the west side of I-15 have been building at an amazing rate - both towers appear to be up and in differing states of completion. They are quite ominious actually.

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All in one day? Still looking around for 15 yrs. Not talking about in my 20's in 1976. Have stayed at Caesers, Desert Inn, 1/2 nite at excalibur-yuk-, Mirage alot, Bellagio alot, Venetian-hated it-one nite,Circus- Circus 1 nite just to get away from my kids (true). and at this point Wynn-Wynn-Wynn and some more Wynn. Have seen alot of hotels, and have even lost weight from walking around so much when I wasn't gambling., Last trip a whale tipped me $500 for holding down 3rd base. He felt I played properly that in turn he won $25,000 in 6 hands. Had to have the dealer explain that to me. Had never been tipped by a player. Only in Vegas and u never know what u'll see or what will happen. I keep coming back! How can u possible see all of Vegas, yet experience it in one day. Impossible.

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