Burglar Tools: Casino Cheating Devices

Marked Cards, Hot Dice and Shoe Computers

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Blackjack Card Counting Computer

One of the most complex devices ever constructed to cheat the casinos was the three piece card counting computer built by Raytheon engineer Keith Taft in 1970.

In concert with his son Marty, Keith developed a belt pack blackjack computer (named "George") that computed the best blackjack strategy using information sent by the player through a control built into a shoe.

The play decision made by the computer were then sent back to the player to a flashing LED light on the inside of a pair of Buddy Holly glasses. For a time, Keith Taft developed a partnership with blackjack legend Ken Uston for 10% of the profits. Keith was busted with the device at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe after netting close to 100k in Vegas the week before.

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