Burglar Tools: Casino Cheating Devices

Marked Cards, Hot Dice and Shoe Computers

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hot Dice

Magnetic Dice

These dice were weighted with magnets so the shooters numbers would continually roll.


These blank dice came with small dots that the user would stick onto them. Shooters would paste the dots on the dice in such a way that the number 7 couldn't come up. (If both dice only have a 1, 4, 5 on them a seven cannot be rolled). This type of dice juicing is very easy to detect.

Mercury Loaded Dice

The bottom of the die was drilled and weighted with mercury then re-capped. This would ensure that a specific number would always appear face up.

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Hi, you know where I can buy these old devices? I am a magician and can be very useful for my shows.
Thank you very much

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