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A Sky City Casino, Auckland New Zealand Trip Report

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This time last weekend I was upside down metaphorically speaking. I was in Auckland, New Zealand you know the country that's the location hot spot for any movie that requires a backdrop unspoilt by mankind. Unfortunately or fortunately (I haven't decided which) I was sent there for work which limited my options when it came to free time to explore but did mean the hefty price of the plane ticket didn't crash through my bank balance.

Surprisingly I had no jet lag to stop me from exploring during my precious hours off perhaps because whilst it is tomorrow in New Zealand it's actually only four hours behind to California! So whilst its a little confusing working out what day it is, at least it's not keeping me awake at odd hours like it does when I go to Europe.

Auckland is a city made up of many connecting small suburbs like a lot of cities and in many ways reminded me of a cleaner London. One of the most striking things about the Auckland skyline is the gigantic Sky Tower located in the central business district. From ground to the very topmast measures 328 metres tall, making it the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere and it took 2 and half years to build.

The SkyTower

This 170 ton tower attracts over 600,000 visitors each year and is owned and operated by SKYCITY Entertainment Group. Tourists come for numerous reasons but the main one being Skytower contains New Zealand's largest casino and offers table and slot machine gaming. The tower also features the SkyJump, a 192 metre controlled fall from the observation deck of the tower similar to bungee jumping. Knowing that Chuckmonster is the proud collector of numerous casino chips, I agreed to venture up the hill with some of my Kiwi colleagues. They seemed quite excited about "having a go on the pokies" as I contemplated the hill in my new heels.

As you would imagine to get up to the casino floor involved numerous escalators as the tower is used for a variety of entertainments for all ages, ID is a must at the door. In NZ you have to be 21 to gamble but you can drink at the age of 18 one of the many ways Kiwi culture is similar to British (not surprising I suppose as they are part of The Commonwealth and as Don Guido stated, "the fucking Queen is pictured on their money").

We ventured onto the Casino floor hitting the bar first drinks were a little cheaper than your average Auckland bar but sadly not free like in Vegas. The bar area is to the side of the main gaming floor which is laid out very simply. Cashiers to the left, tables for the usual card games Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, and to the right is the bar which is completely devoid of any slot machines.

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