How Mandalay Bay lost it's way with THEhotel

The customer is not the star at THEhotel.

Posted by Miss Monkay

That, however, was where the facade of beauty ended for the VegasTripping crew. Check-in was not simple, fast nor pleasant for that matter. While we were only the second in line with 3-4 clerks at the desk, we were still faced with a 25 minute wait while several of the staff simply took their leave after helping their respective customer, leaving the folks in line to wait and wait and wait. When we were finally helped we were not given the room that we had reserved and after mentioning that this was for a review, nothing changed. Our room had a view of a wall and if we smashed our noses to the window, we could see a glimpse of the clear blue sky above the parking structure facing our suite.

Do not expect a concierge to assist you with anything. If you want to set up spa treatments or some tickets for a show, expect to do that on your own, if you have not been assigned to a host. Basically, if you visit the Mandalay Bay property, do not expect to be treated as a revered guest. Room service is slow, not well-thought out and tray removal is non-existent. If you are accustomed to turn down service, do not hold your breath. If you are expecting staff to treat you with respect and care, then THEhotel is not for you. At one point, we ended up waiting 25 minutes for someone to respond to the 'service' light on a slot machine. Our ticket got stuck in the machine and instead of being able to get it out quickly and move on to another machine as planned, we ended up trying to catch the eye of any Mandalay Bay floor staff. What we ended up with eventually was an argumentative slot tech who accused us of not trying too hard to flag someone down. The excuse of being busy didn't wash with us as every single seat in the surrounding banks of slots were empty, except for three. If you want a drink while playing the slots, do not expect to get one here. The one time we were visited by a cocktail server, we handed her a large tip and asked for an extra round, but she disappeared and was never to be seen again.

The question remains, is beauty and expensive art enough? It depends. For those who idolize Paris Hilton and need to have the latest Prada bag simply for the label, then yes, it is enough. Showing people that you can afford expensive items may be enough for some and a useful way to spend your money. However, for those of you who actually want to be treated like you are special, talking a holiday not only from your hometown, but from your home-life then THEhotel is not for you. We recommend you head your ass down to the Wynn or the Bellagio and actually be treated like a star.

UPDATE: Editor's note: We sent a formal complaint to the bosses over at the Bay. We have recieved an apology and an offer for a complementary room. If we take them up on the offer, please be on the look out for part II.

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We have recieved a reply for the folks at the Bay. They have offered a room in exchange for the poor service. I am still somewhat soured by the experience but am seriously considering taking them up on their offer in order to see how well they do deal with complaints.

My one stay af THEhotel was satisfactory, if not exceptional. I've stayed at M-B a number of times, and while I've never been treated rudely, the service always seems somewhat perfunctory. Aside from the rooms, nothing really sets THEhotel apart from it's big brother. Good service can be found upstairs at the Four Seasons, but I would agree that if you want great all-around experience, Wynn, Bellagio, and (yes) the Mirage would be better choices.

I couldn't agree more with your review. In fact, it sounded almost identical to my last experience at THEhotel. Every interaction with THEhotel staff from check-in, to room service, to house keeping, to check out was border-line confrontational. The staff seems to be so impressed with the property that they ultimately neglect the client. I have seen many good reviews of the property and the only thing I can think of is that they come from people whom have simply not experienced the kind of service you would expect from a property such as this, or do not take advantage of any property services that require interaction with staff.

If you want decent service and to be treated well pack your bags and head to the Wynn or Bellagio. At least with both of those properties you will feel as though the staff actually comprehends where their paycheck is coming from - the customer.

I had a horrific experience in January at THEhotel. While I was a frequent guest of the MB, this was my first time in the other tower. While racing to get ready for dinner, an employee of the hotel entered my room without knocking or announcing himself. I was just exiting the bath and as a single female traveler, you can only imagine the fear I experienced while screaming at this person to leave. Not one person on hotel staff from the front desk to security could assist me that day and I checked out the next morning due to my great anxiety about this room disturbance. I have contacted the property managers several times and while they have admitted to this being a hotel staff member and it being their error, they have offered no apology, no comping of any part of my room bill other than that one night and no explanation as to why my personal security was compromised.

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It's a shame you had a bad experience but honestly we all have bad experiences someway or other. My Husband and I have been loyal customers since 2011 and every check in has been easy and when there was a problem they took care of it. Have you stayed at any of the bigger casinos on the strip like Caesar's. You can be in line for 30 to 40 minutes checking in or out especially during a holiday. I just felt this comment needed a different outlook and I am not saying you don't have the right but how often do you go to Vegas to not expect a wait or to think clerks do not get a break. We love The Hotel and their decor it's a nice break fom all the noise and their service has always been great. So to all thinking its a bad place to stay I say give it a try, no driving through traffic to park easy access to fwy and airport plus we can tell you the machines pay better. Plus everytime I go there I shop and if you gamble allot they write that off to. Thank you Mandalay and The Hotel

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