How Mandalay Bay lost it's way with THEhotel

The customer is not the star at THEhotel.

Posted by Miss Monkay

In the past decade Vegas has returned to it's roots. The Cheapo Vegas of the 70s has made way once again for the town that Bugsy envisioned; A town of opulence, grandeur and service. It is now not uncommon to check into a hotel on the strip and find yourself staring at an original Warhol, Picasso or a Rothko. Older properties are making way for luxury towers complete with cushy beds and turkish towels, making everyone feel special, making them feel like they have a piece of the pie.

However, when you give out pie to everyone else, what happens to the people who want to show that they can still afford to buy the pie? The answer? The boutique hotel. The hotels that give people something to feel more special about.

The boutique translates to smaller properties, larger suites and big screen televisions. In the boutique hotels, the customer is not only always right, but can make demands far beyond any normal person could even imagine. Make a call down to the bell desk and ask someone to wipe your ass, and ideally someone should come running to your suite with a roll of ultra soft Charmin, 3 ply deep. That is the kind of service Bugsy envisioned.

THEhotel is Mandalay Bay's answer to the boutique hotel. There are no singles in this tower; each room is suite, complete with a separate bedroom, double shower and deep tub and an in-bathroom flat screen TV. The rooms also cater to the business traveler as apparent by the huge printer/copier combo that takes up close to half the desk available in the living room. The rest of the suites are well appointed with a stocked mini wet bar filled with more than just your average peanuts and M 'n Ms. Expect to see some high-end hootch in these suites.

The bath products are hands down the best I have ever encountered in any hotel I have ever visited. THEhotel stocks each suite with a nice set of toiletries from Gilchrist and Soames of London. The products themselves are sold in the gift shop downstairs and I still regret not picking up a shampoo and hair balm set to use at home, especially after I vowed never to set foot on this property again after our experience there. Finding the same set has proven difficult on the internet.

The property itself is gorgeous, using a color palette of rich browns and earthy shades of beige. Upon entering the lobby the first thing to catch ones eye is the massive 2 million year old naturally formed crystal on display to let everyone know that this is not your run-of-the-mill hotel. It is beautiful and organic, which can lead some to expect the same from the hotel.

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We have recieved a reply for the folks at the Bay. They have offered a room in exchange for the poor service. I am still somewhat soured by the experience but am seriously considering taking them up on their offer in order to see how well they do deal with complaints.

My one stay af THEhotel was satisfactory, if not exceptional. I've stayed at M-B a number of times, and while I've never been treated rudely, the service always seems somewhat perfunctory. Aside from the rooms, nothing really sets THEhotel apart from it's big brother. Good service can be found upstairs at the Four Seasons, but I would agree that if you want great all-around experience, Wynn, Bellagio, and (yes) the Mirage would be better choices.

I couldn't agree more with your review. In fact, it sounded almost identical to my last experience at THEhotel. Every interaction with THEhotel staff from check-in, to room service, to house keeping, to check out was border-line confrontational. The staff seems to be so impressed with the property that they ultimately neglect the client. I have seen many good reviews of the property and the only thing I can think of is that they come from people whom have simply not experienced the kind of service you would expect from a property such as this, or do not take advantage of any property services that require interaction with staff.

If you want decent service and to be treated well pack your bags and head to the Wynn or Bellagio. At least with both of those properties you will feel as though the staff actually comprehends where their paycheck is coming from - the customer.

I had a horrific experience in January at THEhotel. While I was a frequent guest of the MB, this was my first time in the other tower. While racing to get ready for dinner, an employee of the hotel entered my room without knocking or announcing himself. I was just exiting the bath and as a single female traveler, you can only imagine the fear I experienced while screaming at this person to leave. Not one person on hotel staff from the front desk to security could assist me that day and I checked out the next morning due to my great anxiety about this room disturbance. I have contacted the property managers several times and while they have admitted to this being a hotel staff member and it being their error, they have offered no apology, no comping of any part of my room bill other than that one night and no explanation as to why my personal security was compromised.

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Correction... Sorry.

It's a shame you had a bad experience but honestly we all have bad experiences someway or other. My Husband and I have been loyal customers since 2011 and every check in has been easy and when there was a problem they took care of it. Have you stayed at any of the bigger casinos on the strip like Caesar's. You can be in line for 30 to 40 minutes checking in or out especially during a holiday. I just felt this comment needed a different outlook and I am not saying you don't have the right but how often do you go to Vegas to not expect a wait or to think clerks do not get a break. We love The Hotel and their decor it's a nice break fom all the noise and their service has always been great. So to all thinking its a bad place to stay I say give it a try, no driving through traffic to park easy access to fwy and airport plus we can tell you the machines pay better. Plus everytime I go there I shop and if you gamble allot they write that off to. Thank you Mandalay and The Hotel

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