Aladdin Planet Hollywood : Stuffing the Genie Back In the Lamp

Can you polish a turd if you have a big enough budget?

Posted by Chuckmonster

The Casino at Planet Hollywood/Aladdin - more COSMO spikes, Wynn Las Vegas parasol lighting - hey LET'S GO TO WYNN LAS VEGAS! Plus repeat performance of the tribal tattoo floor design (there's a concept in here somewhere).

The High Limit Gaming Salon at Planet Hollywood/Aladdin - it's amazing how much this looks like a 1960s travel brochure you'd get at a roadside Texaco.

Planned Lounge at Planet Hollywood/Aladdin - somewhat similar design to Quark's Bar at the Hilton but minus the Trek schwag.

Is it possible for OpBiz to pull this one off? Only time will tell, and based on their designs, they've got a great thing in mind for Aladdin Planet Hollywood. Whether or not they will be able to achieve a true conceptual continuity in every detail of their property to the degree visionaries like Steve Wynn are able too is a moot point. It's just not gonna happen unless they blow the Aladdin up and start fresh. Will they be able to paint, plaster of paris and papier mache their way out of this maze? Doubtful.

You just don't know whether you can polish a turd until you spend a lot of time and money trying. That's a lesson you can only learn by getting your hands dirty.

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I believe they will be trying to go after the Hard Rock crowd with this joint. This is why they have the tribal floor markings. Makes them look edgy. Wanna place odds on them installing a tattoo parlor/piercing shop in thar?

Very astute writeup. Speaking of turd-polishing I am eagerly awaiting a review of the old San Remo, now a "Hooters". I understand that has been bungled to the Nth degree. It is most likely that with limited resources the Planet Hollywood project will fail as well. There is not a lot of demand for this brand that I can see; certainly not enough to build a casino around the theme.
The writer also hits the nail on the head when he wonders about the wisdom of the Nevada Gaming Commission. It would be in their interests to approve projects with a good likelihood of success, not failure. Every failed project tarnishes Las Vegas's image further, what with negative reviews and disappointed tourists.
P.S. Someone ought to start taking bets as to when Harrah's will control the entire Strip.

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